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1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA 350, 5.7, As new, cold air. Very tight, solid

350, 5.7 Liter L98 TPI ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA Description:

One of the nicest Firebirds available.

These photos are from when I bought it. I will get new photos soon. Condition of car is the same. Currently in storage. Available to be seen after 4/27/2018.

1987 Firebird Trans Am GTA Hardtop

8500 original miles

All Original

5.7 350 TPI V8

Flame Red exterior

Red deluxe interior

1. Garaged and unused 1987 to 2012.

2. Car was bought new by myself in 2012 (with under 2k miles) and I used it for 3 years and 6500 miles from 2012 to 2015, as my only car.

3.From 2015 to present it was stored in a garage again. Currently registered, insured.

Total mileage to date is 8500 miles.

It remains in as near to perfect as a completely original car can be.

The years do not show at all. It drives completely differently from any used Firebird or Camaro that you may have unfortunately had to drive. It is tight, solid, quiet, with steering that feels like rack and pinion steering, no rattles or squeaks, no buzzing, no leaking, no creaking, no bad smells, etc etc. etc. There is no amount of money or restoration that can get a used Firebird or Camaro to drive like this one does. Once they are used up, nothing can get them tight again, except for maybe a welded in roll cage which is no good either. If you are very careful, you can buy one new like this, and keep it tight by doing certain things, as I have done. I can explain how to do that. You have to drive this car, and then drive a used one, or vice versa to understand this.

Car was (and is) totally reliable despite its original belts and hoses. It comes with a set of new AC Delco belts and hoses which I kept for spares. Every feature works except the power antenna, which functions as a manually retractable antenna. The only parts ever replaced were the alternator, fuel pump, battery, and tires.The original alternator remains with the car.

Comes with all original sales papers, window sticker, registrations insurance papers etc.

Looks brand new inside and out. Has no restoration work, no repairs, no dings dents etc. No sun fade or cracking inside, with one exception, which is a single vertical crack in the drivers side door capping rail (window sill molding). It has had this crack ever since I got it. The telltale wear items are perfect. (steering wheel, driver seat, carpets, mats, center console, etc)

I bought it around 2012, with about 2k miles. I bought it to use. Due to ill health, I only got to use it for about 3 years, and only put about another 6500 miles on it, for a total of about 8500 original miles.

Of course it drives and looks like the brand new car it is. If you have not driven a new GTA, you need to try it. It is incredibly tight, firm, solid, and quick responding.If you have only driven a used firebird of this vintage, this car is nothing at all like that tired rattling bucket of bolts with doors that sound like they will fall off on the next bump, and steering that you are always fighting to keep on the road crown.And if you have t tops, god help you.Put some bleach in the rear pond once a month.

I have had about 15 firebirds in my time, and after owning a few used ones in my youth, I vowed only to buy new ones after that. I had lived from about 2001 to 2012 without driving any firebirds regularly. I saw this for sale new, and the looks and nostalgia got to me, so, when I found this one essentially brand new, I bought it to use as my only car, just like I would buy any other brand new car. During my time using it, it was stored outside for 3 years, generally under a car port, sometimes a car $200 car cover. The car still looks good though. It suffered no damage from sun, rust, or otherwise. It looks no different now than it did when I got it, which is to say brand new inside and out. To be clear, it was in garage for 1987 to 2012, then in carport from about 2012 to 2015, during which time it was my only car, then in storage warehouse from 2015 until now. I stopped using it because my illness no longer affords me the option of a sportscar on northeastern roads with pot holes.

When I started using the car in 2012, I removed the original 16" wheels (with 245/50/16 tires) and fitted 14" wheels (with 205/75/14 tires), in order to get a softer ride. The wheels I fitted were correct for Firebirds of lesser sport status. It only helped the car to have the 14" wheels because they use softer tires with wider side walls that mitigate pothole shock to the frame of the car.

So, the original wheels only have under 2k original miles on them. The original tires are not on the original wheels. They had dry rotted and become hard by the time I bought it in 2012. There is a good set of tires with no miles on them, on the original wheels.

These photos are old. I will get new ones when I can. Please ask questions and make offers.

Please leave message on machine or in text message on my phone.

484 632 8522

Car can be seen by appointment only.

Located in Poconos area of Pa.

If you want to buy the car, please call me and come drive the car, decide if you like it, if you do, come back again and bring some money and we can do it in person. I will meet you with the car at a bank, in broad daylight, so that neither of us are feeling uneasy. I have done dozens of car deals, mostly at my house, but, there was one time years ago someone came who made us "uncomfortable". Ever since then, I do these things in public, and I hope this is not offensive to you. The banks are convenient also because they have notaries to affect the title signing and video surveillance.

I am very easy going and we can work all details on telephone prior to the visit.

If you insist on buying on this car electronically, via this ebay site, you can buy with the site, then deposit into paypal $1000 within 24 hours. Then you will need to come see the car drive it pay for it within 3 days. If you don't like the car you can have back the $1000. But I won't hold it more than 3 days waiting for you to come. ALSO, I reserve the right to refuse sale of this car to anyone. It is also for sale locally and could sell at any time. If it does, I will take down this listing.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far. Boy are my fingers tired.


Item location:Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Model:Trans Am
Interior color:Red
Engine:350, 5.7 Liter L98 TPI
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear