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1967 Plymouth Valiant muscle car classic hotrod 340 Mopar 4 speed A833 4barrel


1967 Plymouth Valiant Description:

Hello everyon, I am getting out of the classic car Hobby and getting into tournament fishing Hobby ! I just do not have the space or time to keep up on my classic cars so its time for them to go to a new home and someone that can keep up on them and enjoy them rather then just sitting around my place . Just to be clear NOTHING I own is perfect or even close to i, but it is respectable and in good shape for the age ! All of my sales are AS-I, where is and no refunds of any kind . We all know Murphy's law and with old cars, truck, tractors and anything old that I sell anything can break or go wrong at anytime . I list my stuff accordingly and am always open to any questions or requested additional pictures or videos via cell phone . Thanks and good luck .
Here I have a 1967 Plymouth Valiant 100 2 Door coupe originally out of Virginia and then stored indoors during the winter in its UPSTATE NY life span . Cars is extremely light 2750lb, and extremely quick ! VALIANT gets thumbs up and compliments anywhere I go and is a good 10 footer . Stick your nose up to it and you will find imperfections for sure !
Here are some specs and details on the VALIANT :
**** Fairly solid Virginia car to start wit, any areas that needed metal work or metal fabrication or patching where cut out and MiG welded in solid to make a lasting solid repair . Quarters have most original spot welds around the wheel opening, Door bottoms are original lip, Fenders and lower fenders are solid and properly attached with original fastener, Hood is solid and has semi -functional hood scoop, decklid is soli, roof has no rust around the window, floors have some patch work but mostly origina, rockers and inner rockers are soli, trunk floor is solid and has 90 % original metal right down to the inner quarter drop downs and frame rails are solid and tied together in the center section with extra steel added from the front rail kick downs to the front torque boxes then attached to the rear rails and torque boxes (this tie together procedure is common on most classic unibody cars ).
*** all lights and gauges and electrical system working properly
*** Hi compression 340 engine from the 1968-70 vintage range that has been rebuilt and "hopped " up and professionally rebuilt over 20 years ago . Big valve X head on 1 side and what appears to be a O head on the other side (i guess it was normal for the factory to have a X on one side and O on the other back then) . cam'd up for sure as you can here it in the idle . aluminum intake and 4 barrel Holle, with headers and semi -quiet dual exhaust . zero oil useag, fires right up and runs very strong !
* A 833 bought refurbished at Carlisle PA . car show swap meet from a guy 20 years ago that does strictly 4 speed Mopar transmissions . also bought bellhousing, flywhee, clutch, z bar, pedals etc. to properly make it a 4 speed car with no headaches . The 4 speed shifts perfectly tight and zero issues through a Hurst quick throw shifter . Clutch is perfect with no slip or chatter .
8-3/4 sure grip rear-end replaced the old 7-1/4 . and higher numerical gears where added . (3.73 I think ) but not for certain . it cruises about 2500-3000rpm in 55-65 mph range .
bucket seat, manual steerin, manual brake car .
nice american race aluminum wheels with good rubber .
tight steering and suspension .
paint is a 7.5 out of 10 and body work is straight . car was painted 20+ years ago whic says alot about the car being solid from the get go . has a few small areas sowing there body work age but hey what can i say - it is what it is !
great opportunity to get a cool fast car for cheap ! motivated seller and reasonable offers will be considered . i know there is over the years there is $15000 in driveline and chassis alone .
I can store the car for as long as you need as long as the car is paid for . I would like payment to be fully completed within 7 days of purchase . Cash is always kin, but bank wir, bank chec, will be accepted . PayPal may be a option if you pay the 3% usage fee . I will help load the car if your bringing a trailer or sending a transporter . I will mail the title and bill of sale immediately after payment is cleared in my account or if paying cash in my pocket . thanks - be sure to ask any questions !
P.S .- if your into the ladies this car gets a lot of attention from them for some reason ( I think its kind of that small European body style and the YELLOW that grabs there attention ) even more so then the red 68 coronet i will be listing next !


Item location:Hinsdale, New York, United States
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clean