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1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe 1 registered NY owner

318 2 Barrel ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Description:

This auction is for my friend Mikes 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe. The car was only registered by its original owner and the NYS State transferable registration is signed by the owner and will be provided with the car along with the original paperwork from the dealer purchase of the car.

The car was bought from the original owner and was stored correctly for a very long time. I will need to post the correct mileage on the speedometer.

The car was originally going to have the original powertrain removed and stored and the usual performance engine / transmission and rear put in to have a quick street car. The bodywork was done professionally by a local shop using aftermarket 1/4's, wheelhouse and inner extensions, a pillars, trunk filler panel and two of the cleanest take off fenders available. After being put in primer the emblems and trim were put back on for the look that the car appears in now with the only piece being left off was the vinyl top rear border and attaching posts. I have pictures of the car prior to being sent for bodywork that I did not post to avoid confusion. Contact me to have them emailed.

318 2 barrel, 904 automatic and 8 1/2 open (non sure-grip) rear axle. Manual four corner drum brakes, manual steering and no power options. The car will start with two full depressions of the gas pedal and run at fast idle until the temperature allows the drop down. The car does not smoke and has not consumed oil while I haveworked on it.

When the engine is warmed up the transmission engages all gears correctly and the kickdown linkage functions while allowing the transmission to return to first gear after stopping. The car stops as well as an original manual drum brake car can. Single exhaust to the rear valance is quiet and has no leaks. The fuel tank has been replaced. It would be correct to think that replacement parts like the fuel pump, water pump, belts and hoses may have been replaced. I will be posting the fender tag picture typed out Wednesday night for anyone to breakdown. The Magnum 500 wheels are MoPar pieces and I do not know if they are original to the car.

The wiring harness appears original and intact. It appears to have the original fusible link. The lights work but I do not know if all thebulbs function.

This car will need to be paid for in person, cash in person upon pickupby the winning bidder with all pick up arrangements to be made prior to bidding. I am not a business, I do this for fun. Every car I have purchased on eBay I have handle correctly, I expect the same. If you do not agree with the price there are other Barracudas and 'Cudas out there, it is free to look. I am required to list an electronic payment option but it is listed only because it is mandatory. If I did not already owna 'Cuda I would be looking for one like this. The car is listed on a site that sounds like legsfist in our region if you would like to call the owner. This auction will run for the complete listing and all of eBay's rules and policies will be followed.

NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS. Please ask all questions prior to bidding and communicate with us. My feedback is well earned. The additional pictures and information will be updated Wednesday.


Item location:West Hempstead, New York, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:318 2 Barrel
Vehicle Title:Clean