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1966 Plymouth Barracuda v8 Auto Cuda Roadrunner GTX Superbee Dart Charger


1966 Plymouth Other Description:



How many times have you thought, if only I could have went back bought one of those new. Found out someway somehow to afford it and stuffed it in a garage. Granted when you had that thought it probably revolved around a Hemi Cuda or a Six Pack superbee, but I think everyone has had that thought.

Well here is your chance to own something really cool without investing your entire years paycheck. Here is a special 1966 Plymouth Barracuda.

Let me paint a picture for you,of what might have happened, and very possibly could have happened to someof you. After months of driving with your permit in your parents 4 door belvedere station wagon, your mother nagging because your driving 2 miles over the speed limit, you finally got your license, and your itching for your own set of wheels. All your buddys are getting their grandmas 4 doors or rusted out hulks. You on the other hand, were thinking ahead and all those early mornings for the paper route are paying off and you've got enough for a down payment on a car.You'vestarted a collection of Hot Rod Magazines, February 1966 issue comes out, and here is a 1966 Barracuda on the cover. It is the sexiest car you have ever seen.You read it cover to cover, practically memorizing the magazine, the next day you go in to your local McCarneyPlymouth and ask "you guys got any Barracudas", the old fella behind thedesk says "scram kid, we don't sell those kind of cars". Crushed youwalk out of the dealership, the weeks go by but you never quite get that Barracudaout of your mind.One weekend your cruising with your buddies in one of those "4 door grandma mobiles" and you end up driving past the McCarney Plymouth .You see lights in the back, your bored, so you say " hey lets drive in there". Its late, dark, middle of winter and the snows blowing like crazy. A auto transport truckmust have just pulled in. The truck driver is trying to unload cars without much luck.There's a green 4 door valiant, a couple Fury's,you know the typical lineup. Nothing special, but then just as your about to leave you spot something red, its on the very front of the truck buried in snow and ice.You can't quite place it but it looks familiar somehow.You roll down your window and holler at the trucker "hey, whats that red thing on the front ?".He looks over, his fingers about frost bitten, and says "its one of those new Barracudas". The next few hours kinda blur together, but your friends, if asked about it later, would have said you practically begged the trucker to let him help you unload just to get a better look at it, you just had to touch it, sit in it. It was your dream car.

It was a Saturday night and the dealership isn't open until Monday morning.That night you go home tossing and turning all night long.You had enough for a deposit, but you still needing your parents to co-sign for the rest of the loan. That barracuda was a long stretch from that 4 door your mom was trying to talk you into. Nervously you say "hey pops, you want to come look at cars with me after supper ? That evening your drive around for hours, of course you go through Eide Ford, Kupper Chevrolet, etc. The McCarneyPlymouth is the farthest out of the way. Your dad is eager to go home and watch the game, but you talk him into driving out there.You try to sound interested in everything he likes, but in you already have your mind made up. "What about that one !" you almost shout as see it sitting behind the shop. Your pops doesn't let on, but since you practically jumped out of the car into the freezing weather just to get a look at it, and talk about it all the way home, he knows you like it.

That night you have another restless sleep, your pops said he would talk to your mom about it, but you know how your mom is. She's pretty stubburn. The next morning at breakfast, you anxiously look from one parent to the other, wondering what they decided. Just as their washing up, you dare ask, did you talk about that car ? Your mom gives you and then your dad one of those looks, and then your pops turns around, and says " your mom and I discussed it, and we both think you'd be better off with a 4 door belvedere with that 6 cylinder", the conversation doesn't end there, but the rest of it, really goes in one ear and out the other.Shoulders slumped, utterly defeated, convinced that Barracuda is just a dream, you go to school.

That night after supper, your dad says " hey you wanna get a ice cream".Your mom stays at home with the rest of the kids and youdad pileinto the cruiser and you head on down the road.If you would have paid attention you would have noticed you weren't driving toward the ice cream shop, but you weren't. As your driving your dad brings up cars. Starts saying things like " one of those belvederes will get great fuel economy, more room to haul around your buddies, something about going to college and hauling furniture". Its really the last thing you want to talk about. Your dad asks how much you've got saved up for a down payment, how your planning on paying for gas, insurance, and the like, just as you pull into McCarney Plymouth. As he pulls into a spot, you look up and realize where your at,your pop just says " l talked to the dealership today and your mom and I did a lot of talking". You've got enough saved up for that down payment for about anything on the lotbut I know that's not what you really want. So we'll make a deal with you,you keep your grades up, stay outta trouble,and put in enough hours you can pay for that thing everything month, that Barracudas yours".

A made up story, but quite possibly something not that far fetched.

Here is a exceptional 1966 Barracuda. Unlike most of these which had slant 6's, this has a v8. Rallye wheels, Red with a black interior, black bucket seats, a console, and a shifter on the floor. I mean really what else could you ask for. In 1966it was the muscle car to own.

If you happen to own a Hemi charger, six pack super bee, Cuda convertible, or some other rare car along those lines. You know those cars are worth more then many peoples houses. This could be a unique addition to your collection. Something you can drive and enjoy, those expensive cars can be a bit stressful to drive, everything from rock chips, to a 16 year old texting while driving can very easily ruin your day.

This is a great deal on a Gorgeous car. Any questions please call me 701-471-3376.

I know many truckers, if you need help with transportation let me know

Any questions call me 701-471-3376

I will expect a $1,000 deposit within24 hours of the auction ending. I will expect the balance within 48 hours of the auction ending. I will only accept cash when you pick it up or a bank wire transfer. I would like the car picked up within 30 days of the auction ending.


Item location:Mandan, North Dakota, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear