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1972 Plymouth 340 4 Speed Duster, real factory orange H code car

Gasoline FUEL


1972 Plymouth Duster

Here is a 1972 340 Duster. This is a real 340 4 speed H code factory orange car. Purportedlyone of 2871. This was an original bench seat car which now has correct, but tattered bucket seats. The engine is a non matching 1970 340 that was rebuilt in 2009. It has rebuilt J heads and it's been bored .030 oversize. It has a sure grip 8 3/4 rear. I think it's a 3.91 but I haven't actually checked it. The front end has been rebuilt and a new center force clutch has been installed. The car runs drives. I drove it down to the corner store and back today.
The story: The car stopped running a few years back. Turned out it was faulty wiring. I was hired to get it running again. I repaired multiple bad wiring situations. I installed a new dipstick. I tore out the badly soiled carpets. I put new belts and an upper radiator hose on. I drained the cooling system and put in fresh antifreeze. I replaced the faulty non-original Thermoquad carburetor with a new Edelbrock unit that the owner supplied. I installed new correct throttle brackets and return spring. I replaced the ignition wires and set the timing to factory specs. I put on correct factory wiper arms and blade holders with fresh refills. The wipers work as new.I did a whole bunch of work to this car but it still needs more. I'm selling this car for my friend. He already paid me up front to put it on eBay; I don't get a commission, and as such it doesn't matter to me if the car sells or not. I value my feedback as well as my reputation, so here is my view of the car:
The front floor pans have been patched. Somebody coated the whole floor on the inside with some kind of black goo. There are multiple holes drilled in the floor from various wrong seats that were once in the car. There are crude patchesin the left rear foot well. There are some small patches neatly welded on the firewall near the throttle cable area. When it rains the left front floor pan fills up with water (bad wiper pivot seals?). I drilled another small hole to let the water drain out again. In my opinion the whole floor needs to be replaced with a new AMD panel. Other people might opt to clean and repair the original floor. The car has a nice shark's tooth grill but the headlight bezels are mediocre at best and held on with slot head screws. The black fur (yuck!) headliner is hanging down in the back and needs to be ripped out and replaced. The bucket seats are badly ripped and need to be completely redone.The door panels are poor and need to be replaced. There is a light wiper scratch on the right side of the windshield. The temperature gauge and the oil light don't work. The speedometer doesn't work. The parking brake doesn't work.
The bottom of the radiator support is dented. There is rust on the right rocker panel. There is rust on various places of the tail panel. There is rust on a small area of the trunk lip. Both front fender bottoms were crudely patched. Both rear quarters were crudely patched, and are full of mud. The left trunk extension is nonexistent. Both door bottoms have rust on the seam. The left rocker panel is full of mud and it's busting out. There are major mud areas in the trunk at the inner wheel wells. The spare tire well has been repaired very nicely with an original part.The left rear frame has a rip in it from some dumbass rollback operator.The frame itself appears to be solid and not rusty anywhere. The tires are old and unsafe. I just put them on there so we'd have something that would hold air. I did not balance them.
The correct "trap door" 340 air cleaner is included. It's off the car so I could take photos of the engine.The engine has old school aluminum valve covers that I would toss, but some people like that stuff.
There are exhaust leaks at the manifold flanges. This is serious as the exhaust enters the cabin and makes the car unsafe to drive. The exhaust system, however, is fairly recent, aluminized, custom bent and looks very nice, including correct style chrome tips.
This car runs really well.Below are YouTube links to short videos of the car running.

Please understand that this is a major project. This car is far frommint. Photos can make all cars look good on eBay. Be prepared to put lots more time and money into this car if you want it to be nice. If you're a novice or a person with limited funds - do yourself a favor and buy a different car. That being said, if you have the skills and the wherewithalto refurbish an old battered muscle car such as this one, then it could be a good car for you.
New Hampshire is a non title state on old cars. This car will come with a valid registration and a notarizedbill of sale only. Please check with your state DMV first. I've sold cars all over the country and all over the world. So far Wisconsin was the only place where there was a problem. Even that was eventually resolved without an actual title.
Please contact me with questions or if you'd like more photos. I was limited to 24 for this listing but I have about 50. Feel free to inspect the car in person or have your agent do an inspection for you.
Terms: $500 nonrefundable deposit via PayPal due in 24 hours - no exceptions. Remainder to be paid within 10 days by bank to bank wire transfer or cash only. The car can stay here for up to a month for free. After that a storage charge of $35 per month will be applied. It can stay here for as long as you need as long as you pay the storage. I'm happy to work with your shipper and help in any way I can.
There are no returns, no warranties, no guaranties, no nuthin'. You buy it, you own it forever. Bearing that in mind, please make your purchase judiciously.
Thank you for your kind consideration. -MHC


Item location:Lee, New Hampshire, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear