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1936 Plymouth 4-door Deluxe P2 Grey body black fenders

6 Cyl Flathead ENGINE

1936 Plymouth Other P2 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan Description:

This car is not an original side mount car, but something that was adapted at some point before I owned it. The passenger side wheel well is situated too low and the tire interferes slightly with the full opening of the passenger door. I am guessing that the fenders currently on the car came from a roadster or something. I have a set of proper 4 door sedan side mount fenders for it (very rusty), and they have a different geometry than the fenders that are currently on the car. The extra set of fenders will come with the car.
A few other things to mention:
The car has the original 6-volt positive ground configuration, however I changed the tail light bulbs to LED and the headlamp bulbs to Halogen, I enjoyed taking the car out in the evenings, but was being stopped by the police because they felt the lights were too dim. The original headlamp and taillight lenses are in place so that the look of the car is preserved. I also added the front fog lamps and replaced their bulbs with LED, they glow softly when on and are also wired to the turn signal switch and flash brightly when activated. New wiring has been installed throughout the car.
With the Fish carburetor, there is no choke, so the choke cable on the dash is wired up to a hot water shutoff valve to the interior heater. It's convenient to have when day driving is sunny, and evenings get cool.
When the engine was rebuilt 3 years ago, a PCV valve was added and a spin-on style oil filter. The water pump was rebuilt and has a modern style impeller and a sealed bearing requiring no grease, the original look of the water pump is preserved with a grease fitting still visible. I have been running Evan's waterless coolant since the rebuild. The flywheel was also re-surfaced and a new clutch installed.
A box of parts will come with the car, it includes the original carburetor, road draft tube, headlamp reflectors, air cleaner, literature about the Fish carburetor, shop manual, original owners manual


Item location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Trim:P2 Deluxe 4 Door Sedan
Interior color:Gray
Engine:6 Cyl Flathead
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear