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1967 Plymouth 426 HEMI GTX Original 5k mile Unbelievable REAL DEAL! Must see!!!


1967 Plymouth GTX Description:

Gentelmen, For sale for the first time in 45 years this very special 67 HEMI GTX. What you're looking at is a one of the rarest collector cars that ever hit the streets in America. These Hemi cars are the most valuable coveted articles of American engineering and style. What sets this car apart from some of the others is this car is a Original 4661 mile car optioned in the gorgeous Bright Blue metallic. Absorb that for a minute, less then 5k original miles. If you don't believe me take a look at the original paint on the undersides of the floors, this is the real deal.
This car was ordered new and delivered to a local gentlemen that lived 15 miles miles from me. I have the original temporary registration from the dealer that was given to the original owner in December of 1966 so he could drive it home with temporary tags. This car was ordered by the local successful businessman to use as his weekend pleasure car with the weekly trip to the local Westhampton Dragway when weather conditions were well that was only 4 miles from his home. The original owner had the car for a handful of years before it was sold to the second owner who held tight onto the car for 45 years. In the 45 years the second owner had the car it was never registered, the owner had other Hemi cars which took up most of his time and this car sat in his tight garage decade after decade.
In the 80's the owner decided to have the car paint and engine freshened up with the intentions of putting the car on the street for the first time in decades. The paint you're looking at now was applied in 1988. That's right, this paint shown here in the pictures is 30 years old. In retrospect the owner would have been wiser to keep the original enamel but in the 80's very few people had the insight to know how rare original paint cars would be. The interior is original. Seats, dash, steering wheel, door panels...all the born with on the assembly line in 1966 originals. The carpet has two tears and I replaced the package tray but held onto the original just because.
I have the receipts from 1990 for the original engine getting freshened up with the only deviation from stock is upgrading to the 70-71 NOS Hemi hydraulic lifter cam which the owner specifically wanted for the low maintenance. Engine is standard bore and standard crank, simply just updated rings and bearings available in the late 80's. In 1967 Plymouth never had the vin stamped on the blocks to be "numbers matching" The best way to verify the original engine (which Galen did) was to correspond casting and assembly dates to the build date of the car. This engine block and heads are all cast 6 days apart in March of 66 and engine was assembled mid 1966. Engine still wears the original 67 specific carbs and other components. Transmission is the Hemi specific unit PK2801544, driveshaft is original correct 67 Hemi type as well. Again guys this is the REAL DEAL.
Around 1990 the owner had the fresh engine in after the paint was done and was getting it ready for the first start. The carb backfired and the owner unaware the small flame slowly burned and the heat bubbled the paint on the hood. When the owner found out what happened he was so disgusted that he packed the car in the corner of the tight garage where it stayed again for few more decades.
I learned of this car 10 years ago while looking at another Hemi car the owner had for sale due to his failing health. In disgust he told me the cars history and is heartbreak it caused him. A few years later I get the call he's ready to sell the 67 GTX. The timing couldn't of been better for me because I never had the money he wanted for the car until a few months before he called me. I made the trip to his tight garage the fallowing weekend floating on a cloud knowing in the matter of hours I would be the owner of a 4k mile Hemi GTX.
A little about the work I've done on the car below.
  • Cosmetic restoration of the 30 year old paint.
  • Basic tune up, plugs, wires, filters.
  • Had the fuel tank boiled out and new sending unit.
  • Some images I took back when I had the fuel tank out of the car. I cleaned up the aged undercoating with solvent and a wire brush. I reapplied some fresh thin undercoating (only behind axle) before I reinstalled the fuel tank.
  • Completely overhauled the brake system, all dialed in to perfection..
  • reproduction Hemi exhaust from the manifolds back (NOS exhaust tips came with car)
  • Reproduction Gel type period correct battery (three years old)
  • Reproduction 15x7 Chrome magnums and custom made Redline Radial tires (original 14" magnums car came with I still have but I wanted a little more contemporary and safer tire for cruising)
The pictures speak a thousand words of the GTX's current state and I just took them Christmas day on my ritual cruise. Being the beginner photographer I am, I borrowed a camera for these pics and please excuse my unsteady hand for some of them.
Some details the pictures don't tell you. Although the paint shows very well for its age it does has it flaws which I tried to picture. Small bubbles on hood from the carb puff back, small bubbles from poor paint prep on the very bottoms of a few panels, a handful of small chips and nicks from being the tight garage for 45 years. Half a century old paint in trunk is starting to peel in some small areas, zero rust to found just looks like a adhesion issue. The car still wears the original pale green primer underneath from the factory with blue overspray when it went down assembly line. Seriously think about that, when was the last time you saw the original paint on the bottom of the floors like this car has, astonishing. Chrome and brightwork is original, some of it is stunning and some is typical of cars of this age. With that said if you want particular pictures of a certain area please reach out it would be my pleasure.
Original radio doesn't work and I never put any effort into finding out why, that Hemi is the only music I want to hear while cruising. Speedo is steady with no bounce in the needle like some of my past unrestored cars. There's a very small exhaust leak from the new exhaust where it meets passenger manifold, it could be a heat tube gasket I'm not sure. I've truly enjoyed taking the car out on quiet weekends and have never showed it at any events.
As I mentioned I have the original temporary registration from the local dealer to the new owner in 1966. The dealership is still in business with its original proprietor still involved, I've never stopped in to see if they have any interesting paperwork of the car in their records. Flawless original fender tag (with flawless original paint) and Certi-card in my possession. I have pictures of hidden body SO numbers for anyone who doubts the authenticity. Original owner is still around but has moved two hours away. Car was verified by Galen Govier in the early 2000's and is complete with breakdown of build sheet (the owner was getting very ill when I purchased the car and he wasnt able to find the build sheet, luckily Galen decoded it and has photocopy in his records) It has taken me many sleepless nights and countless internal arguments to come to the decision to put this car up for saleThis is car I never dreamed of selling but this car and few others I feel I need to sell to chase another dream of mine. A waterfront home I've driven past for twenty years has came up for sale, I've always dreamed of owning it and I have a opportunity to make it happen. I'm not interested in trades due to the need to raise capital, I would consider something if it were to be in my favor and include 50k in principle. My asking price I feel is very very conservative given the triple digit prices others ask for these cars. Hagerty values 67 Hemi GTX's at $98k in #2 condition and $128K in #1 condition. The big auction houses feel if the car would be commissioned by them and publicized it could bring triple digit numbers. I unfortunately wasnt aware that their auction schedules fill fast and need a four month lead time for cars of this caliber to show together. I'm simply looking for a simple, clean and timely sale. If you're a collector who's been around for a while you're well aware cars of this nature are deep in exclusive garages and dont come out of collections for sale. This is a unique opportunity for the right collector. Flashy, trendy, lime green exotics rise and then fall flat. Regal, Classy Gentelmen cars with a pedigree such as this one have been steady investments that rise in value year after year, its been proven since the dawn of the automotive era. I feel under dressed every time I take this GTX out for a cruise.
Guys feel free to reach out if you need more details. Leave a message at my office if you like, 631-204-5598. I'll be more then happy to take a prospective buyer out on the highway. Reluctantly I need to sell this car quickly hence the lowered price. Regretfully, I've turned down very fair offers for the car in the past. If you intend to bid on this car please have all finances in order prior. I'm requiring a $1000 deposit within 24 hours. I need to have this car paid in full within 3 days of the auction ending. I have the car for sale locally and I'm not in the position to hold sale for anyone. Climate controlled storage after sale isn't a issue for a reasonable amount of time. I can deliver to the ports of NY/NJ at no charge. Gentlemen, I'll part with this, be good, do good, call your mother, god bless and have a healthy and happy 2019. -J


Item location:Southampton, New York, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear