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1964 Hemi Manual


1964 Plymouth Savoy Hemi Description:

Strip and Street classic for sale. No, that's not stated backwards. This is a radical Hemi build in a beautifully restored Plymouth Savoy that is not for the faint of heart. It comes with full documentation on the engine build including the dyno sheet, and other details on the chassis work. It's Beautiful. It's Fast. It could be yours. No matter what angle you see this car from first, (although actually, you may hear the thunder first), there is never any doubt what its all about. The glossy Black paint and the huge rear wheels that give it an aggressive stance instantly convey the serious nature of the car. Quality workmanship involved lots of time to prep the car before a drop of paint was applied. It was stripped down to bare metal, along with the frame, and was worked back up from there. All the chrome was re-chromed and all the stainless was buffed to a high shine. Up front the hood scoop gathers up air for the beast within and announces it as a Hemi in bright red letters. The grill looks great with that fresh bumper underneath, and things look good out back in part because the tail lights and parking lights are NOS replacements and have another fresh bumper underlining them. A thin red pinstripe accents the body line and matches the red interior. That interior is all fresh and new. It looks like just another nice street car interior except for a few telltale signs. The door panel is simple and clean with a pattern of 7 bars. The same as the number of lights on a drag racing Christmas tree. Hmm? Coincidence? There is a big red steering wheel that you best have a firm grip on if you cut this car loose, with a stock dashboard behind it. The speedo is directly in front of the driver with a pair of engine gauges off on each side and a factory tach to the right of them all. There is also an auxiliary set of Stewart Warner gauges mounted under the dash to keep accurate track of oil pressure, water temp and voltage. A Hurst shifter for the 4-speed manual trans rises up out of the floor and the seats look great with racing belts to hold you firmly in them at need. Now for engine and chassis highlights. Please ask you salesperson about the complete documentation. The basics are: There is 528 cubic inches of Hemi engine pumping out 735 horsepower and 675 foot-pounds of torque. It was expertly built, at great expense, by the pros at Indy Cylinder Head in Indianapolis In. They used an original 1964 Cross Ram intake manifold with dual 4-barrel carburetors topped with a vintage '64 air filter assembly to help generate the power. The rest is current tech. 426-1 heads CNC ported and polished, 10.25:1 compression, (low enough to run 92 octane pump gas), Eagle rods, roller cam, roller rockers, TTI headers, a windage tray and Miloden pan, and an aluminum radiator with electric fans to keep things cool. Power flows back through an 18 spline 4-speed transmission with a Lakewood blowproof bell housing to a 410 Dana rear end. Custom rack and pinion steering is a nice touch and front disc brakes haul you back down from speed. The rubber meets the road through 33x9.50 15s in the back and 215/75R15s up front all mounted on Billet Specialties wheels. Beautiful and fast. A quality build from top to bottom and end to end. And it could be yours. Come on down and check it out.


Item location:Local pick-up only
Doors:2 Doors
Interior color:Red
Engine:528 HEMI V8
Vehicle Title:Clear