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PE DeLuxe Coupe with trunk. Very origianal and solid. Runs,drives,stops great!!!

73,400 MILEAGE
Flathead 6 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1934 Plymouth Coupe Description:

The year Bonnie and Clyde and Dillinger were killed! And this car was actually used in the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies(see photo of authenticity, shell casings, poster, onset photos etc)!!!
This suicide door beauty(considered "The most beautiful Plymouth"), can so easily go back to original or driver or hotrod. I have a '57 341 S26 block DeSoto Hemi or a '56 330 S23 block DeSoto Hemi to really complete a '50 old school build!
This just might be the cleanest unrestored '34 Plymouth you've ever seen? And I'm probably going to regret selling it but it seems my interests are elsewhere right now! I believe this car originally was shipped to CA, made it's way to Minnesota in the '40's and was in and out of dry storage for 50 year up there. That's why it's so solid.
The original mohair upholstery is even hiding under my blanket and the updated upholstery!!!
It runs, drives and stops very well. I drive it all over! Windshield cranks out super easy as it should, windows roll up nicely, cowl vent works, hood side vents work.
'34 was the first year Plymouth installed independent front suspension. '34 was the only year the side wing windows not only opened but also rolled down.
All glass is there and decent except wing windows(they are really showing their age).
Engine is not original to this car, it's #P8-315408
Left door handle is an upside down right door handle(haven't found a left one yet with the early style escutcheon)
Temperature gauge does not work
Needs original choke knob, just has a generic one
I've acquired some needed original parts, most importantly, original headlight lenses/reflectors and even extra buckets, gauge cluster, dome light lens and five new vertical grille pieces to replace the bent ones. I'm happy to pass these along for fair prices or simply ebay or Hamb them.
I'm not going to say this car is rust free but honestly, there is no rust anywhere. I believe this car was black originally, then green and now maroon.
I've described the car as candidly as possible. I have more photos if needed and we can take a Facetime test drive for serious buyers as well. I did that with my last '83 911 for a guy in WA and that's all he needed!


Item location:Littleton, Colorado, United States
Engine:Flathead 6
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear