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65 HP 4 cylinder ENGINE

1960 Peugeot 403 Description:

Peugeot 403 4 door sedan B7 model. Registered as 1960 model. The car in a very presentable condition with a few minor areas of surface rust. Has been in my possession for the past almost 8 years and proved to be a reliable every weekend driver! Only ethanol free gasoline has been use, also vehicle was garaged and basically never driven in the rain. It is a pull cable starter and cable comes out a little longer than normal to start the car, I think the cable itself is a little longer that should be, doesn't effect anything. The starter was cleaned a few weeks ago and reinstalled, works perfect! Rear brakes were redone a couple of years ago with components from France and Argentina and work fine! After a sitting for e few moths last year a noise in the transmission appeared, it was refilled with the fluid and with use the noise disappeared I guess it was one of the bearings in the transmission, a luck of use.The car is factory 12 volt. The front end spindles have about 2 mm play, at some point in the future will need attention. All 4 gears shift well and the 4th one is overdrive. The car starts every time. I had a number of early VW's and 40's Ford. this car is my favorite driver ever! ABSOLUTELY HATE TO SELL! Moving out of the state.


Item location:Miami, Florida, United States
Interior color:Brown
Engine:65 HP 4 cylinder
Drive type:4 speed with overdrive
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean