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320ci I8 Cylinder/Survivor Car/Mostly Original/4-Speed Manual/Burl & Wood Dash

320 ci I8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1930 Packard 733 Sedan Description:

For consignment, a survivor Packard 733 from 1930. Our consignor states it is unrestored save for a respray in black. A simple unadorned version with black steel artillery wheels, a chromed radiator surround and just a few chained accents, otherwise black paint.
A dual bar shiny bumper is upfront leading the way and protecting the vertical ribbed radiator surround grille which is wrapped in a chrome edged envelope. Large chrome trimmed headlights flank on either side and these front the beginnings of a long cowled hood. The firewall had a small running light in chrome on either side otherwise 4 doors with a central latching vertical sill bar are there to allow for easy access to the inside on all corners. Curved fenders hang off either side in front and back and they are met in the center with a running board. This 7 window car has a long passenger compartment and the steel roof is showing plenty of paint wear, and the center is framed chicken wire with no vinyl insert. The paint is in various stages of finishes with some rattle can spraying, some overspray, and some earlier paint worn off or very thin on the steel. On the back are more dual bar bumpers, although for this back these are split and wrap around the rear quarters.
This tufted tuck and roll broadcloth tang zag pattern tweed has suffered due to the lack of a roof. The front bench has most of the fabric worn off on the drivers side and the white stuffing is coming out of it. Plenty of water stains are noted. The back bench is very much like a comfy old couch with wide tufted tuck and roll panels and plenty of legroom with a fold down footrest. Door panels are heavily water damaged and the passenger's side front is missing completely. Gold carpeting is covering the floors, however is heavily stained and soiled. The side panels covering the pillars are sagging and have extensive water damage. Upfront a wood veneer dash is faded but has all original gauges knobs and pulls. The original bakelite steering wheel is fronting this dash which will show beautifully when restored.
Under the cowled hood in a mostly clean but patina engine bay, resides a 320ci inline 8 cylinder engine. It has a 1 barrel carburetor and a 4 speed manual transmission with a 4.67 rear axle. Patina, surface rust and some corrosion are seen, but it still runs well.
Fairly well preserved given the car's age, it shows some surface rust, plenty of grease in the joints, and running board undersides are surface rusted along with their hangers. A new muffler, black brushed on paint on the fuel tank, and steel framing with surface rust are noted. The transmission has an excess of grease and drippings at the junction of the driveshaft on the back end of the transmission. Some invasive rust is within the battery tray. Leaf springs and mechanical drum brakes are all around underneath.
This car started with some cranking but once warmed up, ran all 8 cylinders. While my crack decoder was able to motor this luxury ride around for a bit he did note that some pedal and choke work was necessary to keep the 320 cuber running. Some carburetor work and fresh fuel is in order for fully functional driving.
A survivor, with slight rusting on the exterior, many types of paint application for the black, and an interior in need of a total redux. Worth the effort though as these Packards have much beauty and luxury to offer up. This one just needs a bit of spit shining!


Interior color:Tan
Engine:320 ci I8
Vehicle Title:--