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Packard 1956 Caribbean Coupe basket case

100000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1956 Packard Caribbean Description:

Up for sale is a basket case from a 1956 Packard Caribbean Coupe basket case.

The car was not savabl, so i was able to buy the parts which are necessary to rebuild under the help of a 400 donor car the caribbean again.

Packard did in These times the same.The outside of a caribbean coupe is except for the rear trim and the Hood a regular 400 coupe.

To compete with the Cadillac Eldorado they created the Caribbean which were build in 1953-55 as convertibles only and in 1956 as Convertible and Coupe.

Anybody of the large Packard Family of today knopws, that only 263 Units of the coupe were build.

Under These 263 Units one car wears a single colour ( paintcode H / " Adriatic Blue ") only..this is the restover of it.

So available are the following :


2 front Fender, which have been rust on top of the front lights, minor at the lower edge as usual..really minor


the complete Firewall /Dashboard unit of the car.Dashboard is complete including the pushbutton transselector, all gauges and instruments.

the Firewall Shows the original paint of Adriatic blue


Caribbean Hoo, also glassperlblasted, ready for paint


the 2 original doors of the car, original paint with all glass and electric window lifts..


title for the car with vIN number 5697 1180 and the A-pillar Aluminium tag showing the VIN number, paintcode and interiorcode


the front Hood caribbean trim and rear Fender caribbean trim with antenna trim


the front valance between the front Fenders.


the complete original interior in nice shape including the unique caribbean seatframes front and rear, all 8 cushions in great shape, all front door panles,kickpanels and rear Panels.All door and rear Panels will Need new cardboards..

I have pictured most of the items, as any part will not be able to Show on Pictures are limited..Picture Show the condition of all the parts as an example.

I guess agood 400 parts car isnt too hard to find and will cost around 5 k usd...or when you add up These parts and the costs of a donor car, you will ending with half of the Money for a restorable caribbean Hardtop in restorable condition.. and you have to wait ..maybe for ever..until one appears..

I am collecting packards for decades and know what i ahve and what is needed to build such a car.

I will ship the parts to the US ( all Major ports) in a wooden crate which i build by myself..any part will be securly handled..

shipping costs are USD 600 to all Major ports in the US..from there it is up to the buyer to proceed or help can be given to arrange a delivery to any where in the states..they same is for European buyers..transport by truck..costs are Euro 500.-

Any further questions gladly trades..Payment by wiretransfer.. no i have been cheated twice..sending parts and payment was later canceleed after parts received.

no engine or transmission


Item location:Bremen, Germany
Vehicle Title:Clear