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GAZ 20



1953 Other Makes rarity

GAZ-M20 POBEDA, 1953 issu, the engine from the GAZ M21 2.4 volume of 75 l/, transmission the gas 24, the mileage after restoration of more than 1500 km.

The novelty was in the scheme of the machine and the device main unit of the body. In the space between the springs of the independent suspension of the wheels mounted engine, the radiator is moved forward. After the engine has shifted in the seat back almost completely outside of the wheel casings and expanded. Became wider and the whole body, the wheels went deep into his body, removed the protruding wings. All the mechanisms are mounted not to the frame and to the carrier body. The mass was equally distributed to all wheels.

Similar to those made on some pre-war cars, for example — "Chrysler-Airflow". There have been attempts to build a "wingless" car, just for piece or small-scale models. The novelty of the layout are combined in design of "Victory" with the reliability of the traditional Soviet cars, and this is achieved without weighting the car. "Victory" — a comfortable car, with soft suspension, wheels, ventilation and heating, with excellent maneuverability, powerful brakes.

As engine power and weight of "Victory" and M1 are almost identical, but the displacement of the engine "Victory" 1.5 times less, i.e., the engine runs more productive. Accordingly, the reduced fuel consumption. Due to the fact that form the body of "Victory" is more streamlined, the speed increased by 10%. Smooth sidewall, the inclined U-shaped windshield, soft roof dramatically reduce frontal air resistance. The six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 76 HP "Win" by enough 50 HP


Item location:Astana, Kazakhstan , Kazakhstan
Make:Other Makes
Drive type:left
Vehicle Title:Clear