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1960 Hillman Minx convertible

97,426 MILEAGE

1960 Hillman Minx Convertible Description:

Selling a 1960 Hillman Minx convertible.It has 97,426 miles and was well cared for, from Southern California.I bought it for my girlfriend in 2011, and began restoring it.It has been stored in my garage till 2 months ago when I moved it outside and put a car cover on it.It came with the original (Seized) engine and functioning transmission, but I removed them from the car for a more modern powerplant.I removed the original water box in the firewall and closed the firewall up with steel.The floorpans weren’t bad (a few pinholes), but considering this was something we intended to keep, I cut the floor out and replaced both front and rear pans.The entire interior and doors were wire brushed to steel, and covered with POR15 and sealed with seam sealer around pan welds.The seats were disassembled, wire brushed, resealed/painted and then recovered.The interior paint was matched to the exterior.

The body is solid, and the wheels/suspesion look solid to me overall..It needs a top, which I have sourced and will share contacts for it and other items..

I had intended to put a full 4 cyl drivetrain in it, a little tight for a v6 or v8. Engine and tranny are included.

Overall a nice little car…only selling it to raise money for a new business.


Item location:Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Interior color:Green
Vehicle Title:Clear