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1972 Opel GT 1.9L 4 Speed

120000 MILEAGE

1972 Opel Description:

Up for sale is a 1972 Opel GT with a 1.9L engine and 4 speed. This Opel GT was brought to us by the current owner to help facilitate the sale of the car. We are New Vintage Automotive in Cookeville, TN 38501. We are an Opel Restoration and repair specialist shop that is celebrating our 10th year in business bringing the cars we love back to new. We not only offer a full service restoration for all models of Opels, we also manufacture a lot of items for the Kadett, and GT...such as Air Conditioning, carpet, interiors, and performance parts. Enough about us, here is the 1972 Opel GT. First off I would like to mention we have not performed any work or restoration to this car. How you are seeing it is how we received it. It starts right up, and drives out nicely. Be sure to check out the video links if eBay allows me to add them here. What can I say, the car underneath has had prior rust repair, and new metal put in. Poly bushing were installed at one point for the front and rear, and an Addco front sway bar was installed. A new aluminum radiator from GT Source installed and an electronic ignition with new coil are added. The car will need a full interior, mechanically the engine has had work on it sometime in its life. It was painted blue to usually signify a replacement engine was put in, but I cannot say that for sure. Brake cylinder is original and has had a rear Ansa exhaust installed. I guess what my personal take on the car is, I think its a good driver, probably would be able to drive home (your risk) and it doesn't leak! I'm probably more excited about the not leaking on my shop floor part than anything. It is a nice driver, it seems to be smooth on the road, at times I get some exhaust rattle. The rear parking brake cable is broken, more than likely from the muffler placement. If you want a decent driver that looks the part, and can do a few things on your own to fix it up, this is a great car. If you are looking at a turnkey restored car, this is not your car...simple as that. The body has cosmetic issues, from prior patchwork and bodywork. I at least can see where if there was rusted metal, they cut it out and installed new metal. Not to our standard more than likely, but it doesn't appear to just have been filled with foam and bondo. Here are the video links, you are welcome to call me anytime Mon-Sat 9-8 Central time.https://youtu.be/GsiFc5SbUmE https://youtu.be/uLr6eqv7Jqw
Look us up on the web, need other information, just call. Have a car for sale, give us a shout. We are not just a company that is selling an Opel and do not know a thing about them. We are fully vested in the preservation of the Opel name, cars, and parts.


Item location:Cookeville, Tennessee, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear