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Opel GT with rare A/C option, rebuilt engine, many mods No Reserve Auction

2 liter ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1972 Opel Opel GT Description:

1972 Opel GT with rare AC
This year had the pop open rear windows

I'm starting with my reserve price. My "threshold of pain" price. I despise all the auctions that make the bidders click away, trying to find the elusive "reserve price". I'mtrying to move across the country and need to shed some possessions and would be taking a loss if the car were to sell at the starting price. The Buy it Now price wouldn'tbe as much of a lossbut some possessionshave got to go cuz where I'm moving, I have no room for all the toys.

Highly respected Opel builder (world renowned) mentioned that if someone were to purchase the car JUST FOR THE ENGINE, they'd be getting a hell of a deal. "New seals so no drips, no leaks, runs very strong", he said.
FULL PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL is accepted (see details below). If you've
always wanted one of these little mini-vettes but cash is tight,I'll work
with you!

Consider this:
$8K to 10K + engine rebuild (see description)
The deep dish true spoke wheels are $1600+ new
Brand new tires (less than 50 miles on them right now)
After-market A/C kits for an Opel GT are $2500 PLUS installation and this A/C
is already installed
Buy It Now price doesn't even cover the engine rebuild price LoL!
Moving across the country -> must sell !!!!!!! (Yes, I'm shouting LoL!)
This car has some sweet modifications and is a blast to drive
Steinmetz body kit with Euro rear taillight treatment and ground effects
Custom True Wire rims with insane deep dish offset - very aggressive stance turns heads
Custom rear louvers (slats really do keep the sun out)
Custom whale tail - not only cosmetic, this one really does push the rear end down at speed
Custom aftermarket mirrors with lighted turn signal indicators
Custom aftermarket seats and carpet
Custom gauges
Custom interior
Custom fiberglass hood
Custom underneath LED lighting
"Knight Rider" (back and forth LED lighting) through the two hood slits for the car shows!
Custom stereo and amp
>>>>>If you don't appreciate the radical hood and rear deck mods, a stock GT hood is a hundred bucks and you can remove the whale tail <<<<< :)
Professionally rebuilt engine to European 2 liter specs (left the shop 2/28/19)
New Mahl pistons
Custom aftermarket 12 bolt head
New intake and exhaust valves with new hydraulic lifters (no adjustments = easy maintenance)
New cam, rod, and main bearings
All new engine gaskets and freeze plugs
New camshaft
New timing chain/tension kit
Previous owner claims he spent $10,438.34 to take out, rebuild, and reinstall engine and A/C
8K+ worth of engine rebuild invoice receipts attached (see pics) - -> I can't get previous owner to send all of the receipts to verify his claimed $10K+ figure.I spent another $612.41 with highly respected Opel builder to have some shifter, headlights, and brake work done.
Crane Fireball electronic ignition (no more points to wear out and adjust)
The engine runs strong.
Lots of Opel GT Source parts:
New powder coated rear springs
New master brake cylinder and wheel cylinders
New fuel pump
New oil pump
New clutch
New brake calipers
New shifter spring (transmission shifts as smooth as butter)
Headlights open and close as they should
Exterior lights (and maybe the interior dash lights) are LED.
Speedometer quit working (hopefully speedo cable just not inserted fully into gauge). Odometer shows 3K miles so I know that isn't accurate. Tachometer verified accurate when engine is running. Sometimes tach needle doesn't drop all the way down to 0 when engine is turned off. White dash pod light (shows when headlights are in transition opening or closing) sometimes works and sometimes not. Today, car pulled momentarily to the right when braking. I'll have that checked.Interior rear view mirror needs new glue for permanent windshield attachment.
The paint looks good at a hundred feet.

The (already installed) A/C needs some attention - - missing the longer A/C belt but the rare and much sought after A/C pulleys themselves are there. Highly respected Opel builder confirms all the A/C parts are present and accounted for, to include: -Blower motor and housing and high rise rear deck it fits under
-The more attractive center console with blower vents (two covered to force air to front vents and not freeze your torso LoL!)
-Orifice tube
-Thermal expansion valve
I would have liked to have fixed all the above deficiencies and "dialed in" the car prior to selling but I am no longer able to do my own labor due to rapid onset physical limitations.
Pics show deficiencies - check them out thoroughly
Any questions, please ask via the ebay messaging service and I'll get back to you asap.
If car is sold via auction bidding, a $500 deposit is required within 24 hours of auction end via Paypal
Full payment within 7 days (see Shipping and Payments and details below)
If Buy It Now (BIN) is used, an IMMEDIATE $500 deposit must be made within an hour of using BIN. You still have 7 days to pay the balance.
BTW, FULL PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL is accepted so if you want to throw this purchase on credit card(s), please feel free. Of course, the car doesn't leave my driveway until I verify the money has moved from my Paypal account to my checking account. See Shipping and Payment instructions for the details.
I will gladly work with your car shipper OR if you want to fly in to Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport, I'll pick you up and, in my humble opinion, you could drive it home. HOWEVER, I know it's almost a 50 year old car so no warranties are expressed or implied.You're dealing with a guy who purchased an Opel GT a few years back in northern California and drove it all the back to Maryland, sight unseen so I'm kind of a dare devil when it comes to these things LoL!

I have attempted to describe this cool little car with the best of intentions. Drop by and arrange a test drive if you are in the area.
Car is for sale locally and if it sells I have the right to end the auction early.

Happy bidding!


Item location:Dunkirk, Maryland, United States
Interior color:Black
Engine:2 liter
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear