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V8 Auto Original Correct Classic Vintage Collector Olds Clone Restored Match 442

Gasoline FUEL

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 W31 Tribute Description:

This 1969 Oldsmobile F85 W31 Tribute has a numbers-matching V8, sleek profile, and cool and correct triple-green presentation. So dig into a nice coupe that has been given the right investments to be a true head-turner.

This is the generation for awesome Olds A-bodies. They were redesigned for that extra-wide stance that wanted to own the road. And the roofline of this club coupe looked as sleek as a fastback. This example looks particularly nice, because the factory-correct Meadow Green has been given a quality respray. Now it radiates in the sunlight thanks to a modern clearcoat finish. And if the color didn't already give you a very cool '60s-style vibe, the coordinating dark green vinyl roof really gives this a classic feeling. Plus, you have some nice upgrades, like the W31 badging, Olds Super Stock wheels, and the form-hugging rear bumper that's notched for the dual exhaust like a 442.

Inside is a crisp green look. So with the exterior, roof, and interior, you have a very distinct triple green package! You can tell there has been an investment in preservation and restoration here by the quality condition of the seats, carpeting, door panels, and dash. So you'll happily share this one with family and friends. It even has nice vintage car touches, like the separate FM converter for the AM radio. And because this one is meant to be driven, they also cleanly installed upgrades like the auxiliary gauge trio and column-mounted tach.

When you open the hood, the first thing you immediately notice is the special Ram Rod air intake that came on a W31-packaged Olds. These connect to special openings just below the front bumper to deliver plenty of fresh air to the golden block of this numbers-matching Olds V8. Not only do you get fresh air, but also a four-barrel carburetor, so this 350 cubic-inch motor knows how to inhale deeply. And it exhales with a subtly sweet rumble from the dual exhaust. There was a solid investment all around this car, so not only does the V8 run smooth, but also it drives quite nice, too. Plus, the automatic transmission and power steering make this coupe as comfortable as you expect from an Oldsmobile.

Complete with owner's manual, this is the W31 tribute coupe that has been given good investments to be an all-around nice classic. Don't miss this deal, call today!


Item location:Local pick-up only
SubModel:F85 W31 Tribute
Trim:F85 W31 Tribute
Interior color:Green
Engine:350 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear