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V8 Original Auto Classic Vintage Collector Olds Eighty Eight A/C White Red Stock

Gasoline FUEL

1967 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Description:

With its long profile, big V8, factory-correct colors, and A/C interior, this 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 coupe hits all the right notes for a cool cruising classic. That's especially true at this affordable price.

The big Oldsmobile really knew how to own the road. The front end has an intimidating triple-point style that even the front bumper contours to meet. It has an especially long profile that almost looks like an ocean wave with all the curves you see from headlight to taillights. Plus, Olds did a great job of giving these Holiday Hardtops a sleek roof line. And there are terrific details, like the taillights that taper inward to look like they follow the curve of the roof. And the red steel wheels that peek out from the wheel covers to give you a preview of the interior color.

The full red interior looks bold, and so you'll happily roll down all the windows on this pillarless hardtop so that people can get a good view. And since this is a full size Olds, you've got enough room to just bring them all along, too! The fold-down front armrest, dual-spoke steering wheel, and round gauge cluster all are part of the factory package. It has a nice classic presentation, right down the AM radio that's still cranking out tunes. But there are also the right upgrades that allow you to enjoy driving this classic to the fullest. The front seats are now covered in a comfy velour, there are cup holders, and you have cold-blowing air conditioning.

The standard engine in up-market Delta 88 was a 425 cubic-inch V8. Olds motors of this era were known for their hardy construction, and the big V8 fires up readily. It gives plenty of torque to confidently pull away from every stoplight. This is a luxury cruising coupe, and so the driving experience is meant to be an easy one. It accomplishes this with features like the three-speed automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and the more modern Michelin tires.

Complete with owner's manual, when a classic cruiser that is this distinct, comfortable, and powerful is also so affordable, you know you need to hurry on this deal. Call today!!!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Interior color:Red
Engine:425 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear