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V8 Auto Classic Vintage Collector Olds Rocket Custom Restomod Yellow Kolor A/C

303 Poly V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1953 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Holiday Description:

You know this 1953 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday hardtop is quite a distinct machine inside and out thanks to the bold purple custom packaging. So it's impressive that a truly unique V8 street machine comes with great features, like an A/C interior, and still also remains quite affordable.

This one has a classic street machine attitude, and so they expertly deleted the trim, including the door handles. That makes for a smooth canvas to lay down the House of Kolor's Passion Pearl. This is a bold color done in the grand tradition of custom cruisers. In fact, this one really has the look of a car built back in the day, including the classic-style California plate on the front, and we even have registration docs going back to 1967! The brightwork is beautiful and it's led by the chrome double bumper up front and the wraparound one in the rear. There's a tone of artful side trim that also helps showcase how straight the body panels are. But our favorite pieces are the ones outlining the windows, because they draw extra attention to the Holiday hardtop profile. Plus, details like the lowered stance, tailfins, and whitewalls are all part of a very cool/classic/cruiser attitude.

One of the great reasons to have a pillarless hardtop on this coupe is that you can roll down all the windows and let everyone get a good view inside. That's important on a car like this, because they gave it an awesome two-tone. An exterior-matching purple returns on the seat tops, dash, steering column, and door trim. Even the carpeting is purple! But what really has your attention is the cool tuck and roll style inserts done in white on the seats and door panels. Even the steering wheel and trunk are outfitted in this two-tone package for a very thoughtful appearance. The dash has that 1950s-cool symmetrical appearance with plenty of chrome accenting, but if you look closer, there are also plenty of terrific upgrades. The CD changer stereo means you get to pick the best in driving tunes. And the cold-blowing air conditioning means you can roll down all the windows of this hardtop and remain feeling as cool as you look.

Even the engine bay is out to impress with its style. Hints of the two-tone treatment are seen under the hood with the white inner walls and purple components, like the alternator, compressor, and more. And while the look is cool, we also love that this 303 cubic-inch V8 was the one that launched the Rocket era at Oldsmobile. It inhales deeply with an Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor and exhales with a sweet tune from the Cherry Bomb dual exhaust. There are even nice supporting components, like an electric choke and Optima red top battery. This one fires up nicely and runs smoothly. Plus, you have great driving features like the Hydramatic automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes.

You're looking at a custom classic Olds that's easy to enjoy on the streets. So at a price like this, you know this deal will be going soon. Call today!!!


Item location:Mesa, Arizona, United States
Interior color:White
Engine:303 Poly V8
Vehicle Title:Clear