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Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Deluxe Convertible Description:

This 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 Deluxe convertible represents a distinct era in all the best ways. An interesting design, unibody construction, and a V8 that would become the toast of Europe. So to have this all presented so authentically (right down to likely the original motor) is quite a nice treat at quite a nice price. The blue on this car looks like a sunny-day sky, and the new white convertible top is a puffy cloud. It's a... color combo that follows close to the original, but with a respray along the way to look quite nice in the sunshine. Plus, you have the complete brightwork package. They really loved to make these elements as long and as possible. That's why the bumpers have an extended wraparound; the hood ornament runs the full length of the front; and the sweeping side trim starts just after the headlights and runs uninterrupted to the taillights. Even the factory wheel covers are in place. It's a true time capsule convertible in all the best ways. If you like the way the white top looks against the blue, then with a flip of a switch, you'll love powering the roof down to reveal the white interior. The seats have seen investments over the years, so they feel fresher. You get individual comfort of bucket seats, and the rear even has real legroom (not something you'd find on today's compacts!) The classic style means an artful dashboard that houses a long speedometer, bright knobs, and even the original AM radio that's still on display. A slender gearshift lever hangs from the steering column, and the factory dual-spoke steering wheel has a cool jet-age look. Under the hood, the bold red air topper and shining silver components draw you into the special motor. This was the last year of the alloy 215 cubic-inch V8. Topped with a four-barrel carburetor, it produces a fine amount of power and torque. In fact, this lightweight aluminum block was a bit ahead of its time at GM, but it found a larger purpose in England where it was developed to power everything Morgans to Range Rovers. Another short-run interesting features is the Roto Hydramatic automatic transmission. The ride is absolutely up to Oldsmobile standards. Power steering and a supple suspension feel nice when cruising. Plus, because this is a rare unibody design (the next year would swatch to body-on-frame) the construction is tighter. So you can expect a more solid feeling than the usual 1960s classic. The sale comes complete with the original warranty car, owners manual, and service manuals. It's impressive that this much distinction can also be so affordable. That's why you know you need to hurry for this deal. Call today!!!


Item location:Lutz, Florida, United States
SubModel:F85 Deluxe Convertible
Trim:F85 Deluxe Convertible
Color:Pacific Mist
Interior color:White
Engine:215 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear