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1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/442 Convertible

Convertible BODY TYPE
Rocket 350 V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/442 Convertible Description:

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/442 Paint Code 65 Flame Orange selling at "No Reserve"
If you have been looking for that classic muscle car investment to restore over the upcoming cold winter months then thisrareClassic Muscle CarConvertible just may be exactly what you have been looking for. When this convertible was new this was not your Father's Oldsmobile unless he were the cool Dad on the block. I don't know of any guys out there that wouldn'tlove a Flame Orange 442 convertible.
These 1970's muscle cars have incredible investment potential and have often been referred to as rolling bank accounts. Why not make your money work for you while you enjoy restoring your dream car at the same time? The finished product is very rewarding. Remember! When the top goes down the price goes up!
The gentleman I purchased this rare convertible from lived in Ingleside, Illinois. He made the purchase 29 years ago in 1990, and gave up on restoring the car when I made the purchase in 1994. He said he was the 2nd owner. The title is open, clean, and clear issued from the State of Illinois. The last time this convertible was licensed and roadworthy was in the early 90's.
I purchased this car 25 years ago and never got around to restoring it myself, so since I have more projects than I have time left this job will be left up to the winning bidder.The prior owner told me that this Olds does have the original numbers matching Rocket 350 4-barrel. I never attempted to start the engine, because it needs a new ignition switch. I do have a new ignition switch with the key inserted into the steering column, but my buddy who knows ignitions, says I needed to have a small plastic piece replaced for the ignition switch to work properly. The broken plastic piece is enclosed in the glove box. I kept that as a sample to show what needs to be replaced in order for the ignition lock to work properly. That repair and the starting of the engine will all be left up to the winning bidder. There is no battery under the hood, and the positive and negative terminal ends are missing. I know these cars very well and from everything I can see the majority ofall the components on this engine are believed to be the original parts. This particular model was factory ordered with many more options than your average Oldsmobile convertible back in those days.
The seller I purchased this car from told me that the mileage is correct at a mere 88,511 original miles. I always look at the wear on a brake pedal and by the looks of the brake pedal pad I do believe that the mileage is original. Obviously there is no way to verify the mileage as 100% correct. The majority ofstates nowadays have the mileage showing as exempt on the new title's issued on cars 10 years or older.
The interior looks in decent condition as well as the carpet. There was a new set of four Deluxe black carpeted floor mats purchased in preparation for this sale. The bucket seats and the entire interior will need to be reupholstered to bring this muscle car up to the next level. Some new seat covers were another addition for preparation of this sale. The original floors will be needing some patch work done, but from everywhere I looked the frame appears in relative good condition. I showed a picture of where the gas tank strap mounts to the trunk floor.
These older classics that have survived for nearly half a century are becoming harder and harder to find with each passing year especially in Code 65 Flame Orange. The owner prior to myself had always kept the car garage kept, and then I had it stored in my garage for over 10 years until a buddy offered me free storage in an old abandoned in the 60's or 70's malted milk ball factory in Racine, WI where this car was stored for a little over the past decade. Since I lost that storage about 6 months ago this car has been covered outside and will continue to be covered until it is picked up.
This would be a great car for parts, but I believe it would have much more value if it were restored correctly. I did not see any signs of this convertible being involved in any type of accidents. The convertible top frame is down in the well and does have both lines and the convertible top motor is in place, but there is no canvass on the top frame. The entire body will need to be restored and freshened up with a new coat of paint. I am selling this car where every part and every piece on this car will need to be repaired, replaced, or restored to bring this droptop back to its former glory or can be used for the many valuable parts.
This car has the cool dual snorkeled Genuine GM ram-air hood. Even the original screen is still on the underside of the hood. I know I don't have to explain to true 442 guys how much a genuine GM ram-air hood is worth nowadays. Most of the Flame Orange paint visible appears to be original on the car except for where there are primer spots that was applied in order to protect the body from the elements. The paint on the hood must have been redone at some point, because the stripes are not the proper dimensions. The quarter panels can use some work, but all four wheel opening moldings are still on the car. This is a power window car that also had a power drivers bucket seat. That drivers bucket seat was used on another car many years ago. Before I made this purchase someone had swapped out the doors from another car. The doors on the car were originally blue, but were red when I made the purchase. They were also primed as a protectant measure. The trunk lid came off of an original W-30, and has an original GM key that fits the lock.
With each passing year it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find an original Flame Orange 442 with a bucket seat interior in a convertible. Everyone who knows these cars knows this color is very difficult to find, especially fully loaded with these many options as well as one of the most desirable colors.
The options on thisOldsmobileinclude Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Convertible Top, Power Windows, Air Conditioning, AM Radio, Bucket Seats, Console, 442 Sport Steering Wheel, Dual Sport Mirrors with a passenger sport mirror included in the trunk, Dual Exhaust, Rear Bumper Guards, Super Stock II wheels, and Tinted Glass. The windshield does not have any cracks and all the other side window glass is present, but in the down position. It looks like all of the air conditioning components are present including the condenser in front of the radiator.
When these cars are restored properly steering these carsis simply a delight with the 442 Sport steering wheel. These cars typically have finger tip control and drive down the road straight as an arrow. The silver trim around the dashboard is still in place. I didn't see any cracking on top of the dash pad.
According to the OldsFaqs websiteonly 1,025 of the Cutlass Supreme/442 convertible models were made with an automatic transmission in 1972. They said whethera particularmodel is a real 442 or a converted Cutlass Supreme it is still considered to be like a real 442 if it is converted properly.I'll give a little background on the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass S,and 442 models. Prior to the 1972 model year the vehicle identification numbers in all 442's started out with 344. That was the way to determine whether that specific car was ordered from the dealershipas a true442. This is easily verified by the OldsFaqs website that anyone can look up online. The 442 could be ordered as a separate model up until 1971. Oldsmobile decided to make the 442 an ordered option starting in 1972.
The OldsFaqs website made the statement that there is no such thing as a fake 442 in 1972. All 1972 442 convertible models started life as a Cutlass Supreme, since the 442 was an ordered option. Whether a Cutlass Supreme Convertible was factory ordered as a 442, or dealer installed, or a private owner installed all the 442 options, they are all considered Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass S bodies. This is why all 1972 442 convertibles have Cutlass Supreme on the glove box door, and all 442 hardtops have just plain Cutlass on the glove box door.
This Olds rides ona set of four 15" inch raised white lettered steel belted radial tires with good tread on Super Stock II wheels painted to match the body color. All four SS II wheels have chrome lug nuts, all four center caps, and all four beauty trim rings. This convertible has a 10-bolt rear-end,but I am unaware of the gear ratio.
The Nada Classic Car Price Guide currently has the 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible with air conditioning and the Rocket 350/180 horsepower V8 L-34 option listed at $69,690 in high condition, which theyconsider an excellent overall vehicle that was completely restored, or an original vehicle showing very minimal wear. Note: This value does not represent a 100 point show car or a #1 vehicle. Those vehicles can reach much higher prices.
Nada has the average condition listed at $46,920, which theyconsider in good overall condition that could be an older restoration or a well maintained original vehicle that is completely operable. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out.They say an average condition car is considered a20-Footer!
Nada hasthe lowest condition value at $30,245 being considered a deteriorated restoration or a very poor restoration, but mostly usable "As-Is!" The lowest value does not represent a parts car, but would be considered as the price for a car needing a complete restoration. I believe whatever this classic convertible sells for in this "No Reserve" auction is a win/win proposition.
The Nada numbers don't lie! This Classic Convertible is a very valuable automobile if it is given the proper restoration!
This Oldsmobile is an investment that I believe will continue to rise as these cars have consistently shown to escalate in value with each quarter. What you see is exactly what you get!
Here is a prime opportunity to acquire your dream car at a nominal price. Maybe this classic is for the guy or gal that wanted one like the cool guy had in high school. After this car is restored this would be an idealconvertible to show up at the next high school reunion to prove how cool you still are. This car would also be a great father and son project to bond as a family unit. It would be a great project for a high end muscle car restoration shop that restores these cars to showroom condition to take them to live auction to receive the big payday.
I've tried to list absolutely everything I know about this car when writing this description.If you feel I may have left anything out please ask as many questions as you like. Please make sure you have your funds in order prior to placing your bid. The PayPal deposit is due within 24 hours and the balance is to be paid in full within 72 hours.
This Classic Convertible is being offered for the very first time on a quick 3-day "No Reserve" auction and will sell to the highest bidder on Sunday evening at 8pm Eastern time, 7pm Central time, and 5pm Pacific time.
Thank you for taking the time to view my auction!!!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!


Item location:Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Trim:Supreme/442 Convertible
Color:Paint Code 65 Flame Orange
Interior color:White
Engine:Rocket 350 V8
Drive type:Rear Wheel Drive
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear