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1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbocharged V8 Methanol Injected

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1963 Oldsmobile Jet fire Turbocharged Methanol injected V8 Description:

Vehicle Overview
1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire factory Turbocharged

1963 OldsmobileJetfire Turbocharged
Extremely Rare1963 Oldsmobile Jetfire original factory Turbocharged, Methanol injected aluminum V8, hardtop coupe. Only a few of these are left on the planet in working condition (about 12). Very original, all stock. This is a real and original Turbo Jetfire for the serious collector.
The Oldsmobile Jetfire was only made for 2 years and is the World's first Turbocharged Production car. A few thousand were built. Most people have never heard of these special cars, and with a lot of Turbos being used in many late model cars these days, it has become Historically Significant and a Benchmark Automobile as the first one ever.
Jetfires were Special Built:Jetfireswere factory modified to accommodate the special TURBO ROCKET Turbocharged Engine andMethanolinjection system. The body was special made for the Jetfire:In 1962 Oldsmobile took a F85convertiblebody and welded on a Buick Skylark hardtop (at this time, there was not a hardtop in the F85 line up) to create the Jetfire Hardtop Coupe. Only the Jetfire was a hardtop in the F85 line. Noconvertible or window postJetfires were ever made.
This engine is a work of art and an engineering masterpiece.
The Turbocharger is a Garret AiResearch T-5 built forOldsmobilethat puts out 5-7 psi of boost. The engine compressionratio is 10.25, so there is NO turbo lag. The Methanol injection system stops enginedetention and is controlled by the amount of boost produced. The Turbo waste gate will open if the fluid runs out, so there is no way to damage the engine.
This motor wasone of a few to have 1 hp per cubic inch at the time (215hp/215ci, 301lbs torque). Curb weight is only 2750.
At cars shows the Jetfire is a one of a kind! It gets LOTS of attention and crowds form. This is a previously forgotten and undiscovered car model andfascinating to look at.
I have all paperwork. It was bought new in California December 1st of 1962 right off the showroom floor of Peterson Oldsmobile in Hanford, CA. The build date of the car is 11A (November, 1st week), 1962, so the car had just arrived at the dealership. The original owner was bringing in his 1957 Buick for some steering repair when he saw the Saddle Mist Jetfire. It looked beautiful, like no other car out at that time.He had to have it.He kept it until 2004.
This car is rust-free and still has the original red oxide primer on theunderside ofthe body. It is inincredibleshape fora 53year old car. Still has the original GM "spiral" shocks. You will never find a better example. Very original.
Everything works, it drives great, and it is fast. 4 new 215/70R-14tires makes it handle great.
Factory Options:
Tinted windshield, deck lid power lock release, door edge guards (not on car now), glare proof tilt-type mirror, remote-control outside mirror, Hydra-Matic drive, wheel discs, white sidewall tires (not on car now), back-up lamps, glove box lamp, courtesy lamps, electric clock (works!), parking brake signal lamp, deluxe radio (works! new speaker). A power driver's seat was added by the original owner.
Jetfire model standard options included: Turbo Rocket Engine (onlyengineavailableinJetfire model and only in Jetfire, so not really an option), floor carpets, foam padded front and rear seat cushions, safety padded instrument panel, chrome roof drip mouldings, chrome roof mouldings,windshieldwasher and 2-speed wipers, front compartment console, oil filter, deluxe steering wheel, rocker panel & wheel opening mouldings.
OriginalPaperwork:Protecto-Plate with warranty folder, new carPurchase contract, copy of Car Shipping Order,Pre-Delivery Inspection sheet, Body Shop inspection Ticket,Owner's Manual,Factory Service Manual, FactoryAssembly Manual,and Turbo Manual. Factory Brochure. Owner history.
The Engine andTransmissionare numbers matching which means the engine and transmission are THE"born with" units.
V.I.N.s were not stamped ondrive traincomponentsin 1963 so this is only proved by the Protecto-Plate that I have and it has those same numbers on it.Enginenumber S213349T. Transmission number: OX5632125.
Engine:Completely rebuilt to stock specs500 miles agowith all new parts. New .030" over pistons, Moly rings, camshaft, timing set, lifters,push-rods, bearings, etc. Rods re-sized and crankshaft turned (.010",.010"). Engine balanced.Correct hoses and hose clamps-original bolts and fasteners cleaned and re-used.
Heads completely rebuilt with all new parts: new valves, new guides, new springs, new positive valve stem seals, rocker arms and rocker shaftscompletelyrestored by Rocker Arms Unlimited.
Turbocharger,Carburetor, andMethanolinjection system completely rebuilt.
Alternator, starter, and distributor rebuilt.
All new factory correct exhaust system with correct tips.
Radiator and heater core serviced.
Allreceiptsand photos of the rebuild.
Transmission:Original 4 speed Jetfire only Hydra-Matic.Completely rebuilt500 miles ago.New parts, new spring plate, new filter, new seals. All receipts.
Rear end:Original 3:36 ratio.New pinion seal and oil change.
Brakes: All new pads, drums turned, seals replaced, new master cylinder.
Body: Beautiful rust free with original panels.Body is still very original, which is rare these days.1 base coat/ clear coatrepaint about 10 years ago.Paint gaugeaverage is 2 mils. A couple small dent repairs were done at that time. The paint is showing age and blemishes which is hard to photograph.
Unbelievably clean under body withOriginal Red Oxide primer-you just never see cars this good. All glass is good. Rear bumper is new chrome. Front bumper has acouplescratches but looks good.3 headlights are the original T-3 bulbs, one is a vintage Atlas bulb. All new window and door weatherstripping. Trunk still has original sound deadener in center if it, some of the original trunk mat is stuck to it, no rust. Floors are rust free. Body also looks to be completely RUST FREE.
Interior:Original factory Turbo boostgaugeand Turbo Rocket Fluid monitor works perfect, original clock is still working. All gauges and controls work: Heater, Clock, Radio, lighter, oil and temp lights, speedometer, gas gauge, interior and glove box lights, power drivers seat, and power trunk release-All Work.
New correct seat covers front and rear, new carpet, new headliner, new correct mesh package tray. Dash panel and dash pad are excellent. Original door panels (not reproductions).
Firewall (cowl) tag decoded: 11A= car built November first week 1962,STYLE63 3147= 1963 Jetfire hardtop, BODY BC388= Built in Southgate California plant, 388th Jetfire built, TRIM 958=Saddle interior, PAINT SSA=Saddle mist lower and upper paint, Ebony Black wheel paint.
Engine number:S213349T= S-T is Turbo Rocket Engine code, 213349 is production number. Block number: JJ290=JJ is Jetfire only engine with longer main cap bolts, special Jetfire pistons, special Jetfire 12 point rod bolts, special Jetfire bearings. 290 is the production number. Transmission number:OX5632125= OX563 is Jetfire only Hydra-Matic with specialvalvingfor higher line pressures, 2125 is production number.Proven by the Protecto-Plate to be the original engine and transmission.
The remaining examples of about12Jetfires never change hands. Collectors are just finding out about these cars and values are going up fast because there is an extremely limited supply.
This car is one of the rarest cars out there and is a joy to drive.
It is super-smooth, fast, and gets looks everywhere it goes. It's a very light weight car with lots of power. Runs on premium gas.
Once in a lifetime chance to own one. Good luck!
Because this car is so rare, there are no other comparable sales in the last few years. "Value Guides" have to use old and incomplete data, and are not up to date with current values. There were only 2 auction Jetfire sales in the last 10 years and those cars were missing their Turbos.
You won't get another chance to own one of these incredible cars in this condition ever again.


Item location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Model:Jet fire Turbocharged
SubModel:Methanol injected V8
Trim:Methanol injected V8
Interior color:Other
Vehicle Title:Clear