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1990 Nissan Maxima Sedan Red FWD Manual

249117 MILEAGE
3.0L Gas V6 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1990 Nissan Maxima Description:

Vehicle Details

I've owned the car since approx March, 2002, & have carefully driven & maintained the car since that time. I am a mechanic, & have done the majority of maintenance, repairs & part replacements myself.

Engine oil & filters have been replaced regularly, & full maintenance records & receipts have been kept.

Transaxle (5-speed manual): Rebuilt in 2003. Transaxle shifts & operates very well. Transaxle oil was last replaced in 2018, & transaxle has no known oil leaks.

Engine (VG30E, V6): Cylinder heads removed, rebuilt & reinstalled approx July, 2021. All drive belts have been replaced within the last 3-4 years, with low mileage since replacement (drive belts are in excellent condition). Distributor cap & rotor, & spark plug wires were replaced in 2021.

Engine coolant has consistently been a "50/50" mix of antifreeze & distilled water, & coolant strength tested regularly.

Engine & transaxle mounts have been replaced, from 2018-2020, & the timing belt, timing belt tensioner & spring were replaced in September, 2021(soon after rebuilt cylinder heads were installed. Engine was started only after rebuilt heads & new timing belt were installed). Water pump was not replaced, as water pump bearings seemed like new.

Fuel injector #'s 1, 2 & 6 were replaced in October, 2021. After the preceding work was done, the engine runs well, in my opinion. The engine does appear to have a small oil leak, possibly from the front main oil seal or the oil pan gasket, & the engine has been noted to use some oil, so regular (daily) engine oil level monitoring is very important, until the car user becomes familiar with actual engine oil usage. It is recommended in the car manual to use 5w-30 or 10w-30 engine oil, & the correct amount of oil, as needed.

Additional engine & other parts that have been replaced:

Drive belt tensioner pulleys: 2006

Power steering pump & pump pressure hose: 2006

Power steering rack & pinion: 2013

Power steering return hoses: 2018

Power steering reservoir-to-pump suction hose: 2019

Thermostat: 2007

Brake master cylinder (Nissan factory part): 2008

Front brake rotors & caliper pin bushings: 2009

Throttle position sensor: 2011

Front struts (KYB replacements): 2011

Radiator, fan shroud, radiator cooling fan motors, radiator lower rubber mounts: 2011

Upper & lower radiator hoses, & coolant bypass hose: 2011

Front control arms: 2013

Windshield: 2014

Clutch cylinder (most recently, Nissan factory part): 2016

Clutch master cylinder (most recent): 2020

Clutch cylinder hose & copper sealing washers: 2015

RH & LH C.V. axles & axle shaft seals (most recent replacements): 2017, 2018

Ignition switch: 2017

Radiator cap (Nissan factory part): 2018

Starter (most recent replacement): 2016

Starter relay (most recent): 2020

Alternator (most recent replacement): 2020

Rear brake pads (most recent, ceramic): 2016

Front brake pads: (most recent, ceramic): 2017

Front brake calipers: 2019, 2021

Spark plugs wires (most recent): 2021

Fuel filter (most recent): 2021

Vehicle speed sensor: 2018

Instrument gauge cluster (used Nissan factory part): 2018

A/C compressor, receiver/drier & R-134a conversion adapters: 2020

A/C/heat climate control switch unit (used Nissan factory part): 2018

PCV valve: 2018

Back up light switch: 2017

Fuel gauge sender unit (Nissan factory part): 2018

Driver's door power window switch: 2011

Muffler (most recent): 2019

Tires (most recent): 2012, 2023 (Right-front)

The preceding list is not all inclusive, but is a substantial listing of parts replaced since I have owned the car.

Interior: Condition is very good overall, in my opinion. Seats are in good condition, with no known tears in fabric. Panels are in very good condition, as is trunk interior. See pictures. Driver's side floor mat could use replacement (holes in mat), & hood insulator (liner) shows some damage, but is serviceable.

Exterior: Body is in good to very good condition overall, in my opinion. The car was professionally repainted in 2016, but shows some clear coat peeling in some areas, mainly the front bumper. The shows an area of poor quality paintwork, & the spoiler has cracked paint, particularly on the curved ends. Overall, the the paintwork is still serviceable, & looks mostly good on the car's roof, sides, trunk lid & rear. There is a small area of body rust at the rear of the right-rear fender well, that I know of.

Features/creature comforts: All power activated features & systems work (to my knowledge), except the radio & anti-theft system. Features/creature comforts that have been noted to work include:


Power windows/door locks

Power sun roof

Power adjustable side view mirrors.

Radio antenna extends & retracts when radio power button is pushed "on" & "off"

Climate control push button module activates all functions it controls (that I'm aware of)

Cruise control works with all steering wheel push button functions (that I have noted)

Trunk lid/fuel door handle (on driver's side floor board, left of seat) operates trunk lid & fuel door latches.

Accident history: The car was in an accident before I owned the car, based on a gap difference between the hood & grill on the left & right sides of the car, but I don't think it's very noticeable. Since I have owned the car, there were 2 accidents while I was driving (none of which were my fault), & both were rear end collisions that resulted in minor damage, which was repaired by a professional body shop. One other accident happened while the car was parked at a curb & struck by another vehicle that also resulted in minor damage, & was also repaired a professional body shop. This is the accident history that I am aware of.

Sale includes: A "parts" car (1999 Nissan Maxima GXE). The "parts" car has no engine or transmission, & the interior is in poor condition, however, the doors are straight & rust free, & have good glass & some useful door interior parts. The "parts" car is missing the front fenders & the hood is dented, but otherwise, the body appears to me to be in good condition, with straight panels that could be used for repair of another Maxima of similar body style, & the "parts" car has miscellaneous parts in the interior & engine compartment, some which could probably be reused & are not so easy to obtain.


Maintenance records & receipts (nearly all maintenance records have recorded by date, mileage, repair or maintenance activity, part brand & part # (if known).

Miscellaneous used parts (useful for reference when obtaining replacement parts, or possible reuse).

Haynes maintenance manual

Note: Buyer will need to insure the car before driving the car. All items included in sale (car, "parts" car, maintenance records & receipts, used parts, maintenance manual) are to be sold on an "as is" basis.

In summary, I believe this vintage Maxima would be a good, reliable car for the right sort of owner; someone who is familiar with driving a vehicle with clutch operated shifting (this is a "must"), & is conscientious about the care & maintenance of the car. This classic Maxima has served me well for many years, & I believe would continue to for a future owner, who, I hope would cherish the car as much as I have.


Item location:Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Engine:3.0L Gas V6
Drive type:FWD
Vehicle Title:Clean