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1994 Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R [Near Mint condition | HKS 2.8L]

Gasoline FUEL

1994 Nissan GT-R Skyline Description:


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Up for sale is a near mint condition 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-Rwithgenuinelow miles. Unlike Ro/Ro (Roll on - Roll off) type shipping, this vehicle was purchased and shipped via a 20ft container for extra security and to protect it from the ocean's elements. We purchased this for two purposes: one was for my brother and secondly was going to be our Phase9MotorSports shop car. My brother ordered many more parts for this car, including front and rear aero, additional accessories. Currently, the HKS EVC's settings are as follow:A= 1 kg | B =1.25 kg |C = 1.5kg.His vision for this was to build a true time-attack car that he can enjoy and forget about the worries of cancer, but alasmy brother's health, due to his cancer, is forcing our hands to sell this vehicle as it does not get the road time as he wanted due to his weakness ofphysique. This was his previous build he worked on during his last cancer fight:http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1709-1990-nissan-skyline-gt-r-living-the-dream/

This vehicle was hand-picked by us as all vehicles are that we purchase. The tuner of this vehicle is Auto Gallery Yokohama, a famous tuner. The vehicle is built EXTREMELYwell and with very high quality parts per the below options list.

Much like the quality vehicles you have come to see from us time-and-time again, we found anotherdiamond in the rough. These cars are usually privately owned, and/or end up in dealerships where we have direct connections / established relationships with to purchase. Some negotiations do not with the Japanese do not always go smoothly or as intended as it turns out, nowadays, the Japanese are withholding such vehicles from being exported out of Japan. They wish to preserve these vehicles allowing their own local markets first right of refusal rather than allowing companies like us from procuring them first. Be as silly as it sounds, many Japanese are close-minded and as such, some feel that their history is being taken away from them by the outside world; as a result, we see the price hikes by a few that are controlling the market.

When we consider purchasing a vehicle with our own capital, we try to learn more about its history such as: who owned it last, where has it been and why is it up for sale. We try not to go after auction specials primarily because a majority of the cars are purposefully misrepresented for the pure benefit for the seller / auction house, however sometimes we do and end up paying top dollar for it since many people on-site or off-site contend / bid for it. Furthermore, we do not rely on some 3rd partyauto-brokers to source our vehicles through auctions or various other outlets throughout Japan, but instead, we do take the time to fly to Japan twice-a-month to hand-pick our fresh crop of vehicles for importation stateside as you can clearly see from ourFacebookvehicle history.

Each car we purchase from Japan has documentation to prove itsgenuineness, and each car goes through inspection personally by us. We not only buy these cars, but we are also enthusiasts and extremely passionate about what we do which gives us our first-hand experience on what to look for prior to:

Inspections follow:

[1] Overall exterior condition - visualwalk-around to inspect for any signs of body damage / repaint, bondo work. During this walk-around, we use a magnet covered in felt so that we can swipe the areas of the body to check if those areas have sustained any damage or rework.

[2] Overall interior condition - we always try to purchase vehicles that we could get inside and test-drive. If the vehicle interior is dirty, stained and/or outright smells like a secondhand lung, then we pass on it.

[3] Engine / Drive-trainHealth / Overall condition - conduct compression testing and/or leak-down if the vehicle behaves irregularlyatidle or when test-driven.

[4] Verification of history to vehicle through Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (If needed).

[5] Verification through vehicle history records and service documentation.

[6] Speaking directly with seller and obtaining more history about the history with the vehicle.

All of the above is taken into consideration before we purchase a vehicle because at the end of the day, we also own these types of vehicles and want nothing but the best for sale here in the US. We know if we provide you with a quality automobile, that you, our valued customer, will undoubtedly help to spread via word-of-mouth to others how we are and how we search for quality cars in a sea of beat to hell, defective, high mileage rust buckets. That said, we are not in the business of price gouging you, but rather, we want to genuinely offer cars to the U.S. market that we find to be of quality. If you are purchasing this vehicle as an investment or if you are a true die-hard JDM enthusiastslike we are, then either way, you want to ensure to purchase a vehicle thatyou find to be affordable, enjoyable and long lasting!

Rest assured that this vehicle has been legally entered into the US commerce with the following documentation:

[1] DOT (HS7)

[2] EPA (3520-1)

[3] 7501 (customs stamp / initials if needed depending on your state or residence / registration)

[4] 3461 form withperforation

[5] ABI Activity - Cargo Release Processing Results

All documents as listed above have been filed and approved prior to entry into the United States. All US customsduty and entry documentation fees have been paid and this vehicle is now located in Orange County, California ready for a buyer.

This vehicle is federally legal in all 50 states, however registration is somewhat difficult in California due to our California Air Resource Boards (CARB) compliance rules . Should you want this vehicle registered, you may contact GNK Automotive Conversion Inc. located in Santa Ana California. They are the only experienced gray market conversion lab capable of Federal Motor Vehicle SafetyStandards (FMVSS) compliance. The cost for this process is quite expensive depending on the vehicle and its modifications, so it is always best to purchase a vehicle that is of bone-stock configuration.

Lastly, if your budget is set for a beat fixer-upper, our vehicles are not for you. Our target market is catering to those who want a reliable, great condition turnkey classic car ready to go out of the box without any defects in-and-to the vehicle. After all, you get what you pay for so rest assured that you will not be buying a lemon and let us earn your business!


Item location:Anaheim, California, United States
Color:Wine Red
Interior color:Black and Grey
Transmission:BNR34 GT-R GETRAG Manual [6-Speed]
Drive type:AWD
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear