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178700 MILEAGE
Twin Turbo ENGINE

1993 Nissan 300ZX Convertible Description:

I have up for sale my very rare, unique, fast, 1993 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo Convertible. Nissan never made a twin turbo in a convertible, so I bought a convertible and put a Twin Turbo motor in it. Not just any Twin Turbo motor, I imported this one from Japan out of a 1998 300zx with 60k miles. The Z's were only made here in the U.S. until 96, but in Japan they were made until 99 and they had approx 30 more horsepower than our Z's here. The JDM motors have less pollution control devices, as well as having bigger fuel injectors. You can physically see that the fuel injectors on this are the bigger ones if you compare it with a US MKT motor.

This is a rare 2 owner car, check out the Carfax for yourself. The first owner kept the car for approx 12 years, and I kept it for approx 13 years.

The entire mechanical work was done approximately 7 years ago, but the car has barely been driven more than 10,000 miles since. All mechanical work was done by a Nissan Mechanic who works at O'Neil Nissan in Warminster PA. He used to own a shop where he did custom builds like this car. He no longer owns the shop, but I can put you in touch with him if need be.

All the parts were bought brand new and with less than 10,000 miles since the build, they are basically still like new. I have listed everything I can remember below. I'm sure I am forgetting stuff. The car sits in a nice climate controlled insulated garage all year round and is only insured and driven once a month in nice weather. Never seen rain or snow in my ownership.

I sold my 1991 Mercedes on eBay and received perfect feedback. Check out the car and feedback for item #:182464055550. I have sold 5 old BMW's on eBay in the last few years as well. Selling older cars and still getting positive feedback is VERY difficult. I take pride in my honesty in selling my cars. I am an enthusiast, and this is my hobby.

I had my local Nissan dealership do a full inspection of the car so I could fix anything wrong with is before selling. The inspection report is in the images of this ad. The only thing I had to fix was a shifter bushing of some sort that was loose and rattling.

Engine + Mechanical

  • Imported from Japan, a 1998 300zx Twin Turbo Engine with 60k miles: The motor did not undergo a full rebuild because it simply did not need it due to the low miles, but while it was out of the car some internals were replaced with OEM parts and the heads were re-machined and new head gasket was installed, as well as every single rubber gasket associated with the motor was replaced. All 6 new fuel injectors. All 6 new ignition coils. Iridium Spark Plugs. Crank position sensors, knock sensors, 02 sensors. All OEM. There were many other things replaced having to do with the engine that I simply cannot remember right now. For the most part - the engine is bone stock and was kept this way for reliability. The twin turbos are also OEM Nissan and function 100%. This engine work and swap had the car in the shop for over 1 year. Took the time and did it right:
  • Kept the rear differential and N/A transmission for the longer gearing ratios
  • Mishimoto Radiator and piping
  • HKS Catback Exhaust (just installed this month, brand new)
  • HKS dual Blow off valves (sounds awesome!)
  • GReddy downpipes
  • Z1 motorsports pre-cats (No Catalytic converters)
  • GReddy Boost controller
  • Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Fuel Pump
  • Brand new OEM Nissan Intercoolers
  • Brand new OEM engine wiring harness (this is a common problem pain point for all 300zx's)
  • RPS Stage 2 clutch with new clutch lines and new slave cylinder
  • Short throw shifter
  • All fluids were changed in the car twice since the rebuild including a coolant flush, diff flush, trans flush, and oil, just to stay fresh.
  • Car has only been ran on Sunoco 93 octane. Needless to say, it does not drip a drop of fluid or smoke or anything of the sort. It runs and drives like a brand new car. Even if I don't drive it for months, it starts right up each time without a trace of smoke coming out of the mufflers
  • New Timing Belt
  • New Transmission Mount
  • New Motor Mounts
  • New Starter
  • New Alternator
  • New Serpentine Belts
  • New Water Pump
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff that was replaced

Suspension / Wheels / Brakes:

  • Axiss 19inch wheels, staggered, in brand new condition
  • 4 brand new tires just replaced Front: 235/35/19 Rear: 275/30/19
  • Slotted and Cross Drilled Brake Rotors on OEM Nissan pads and calipers. This car came with the factory bigger brake option
  • Intrax Sport Springs
  • Tokiko basic OEM replacement shocks
  • Several control arm bushings were replaced, I can't recall which ones, but if they were showing age, they were replaced


  • Entire vehicle was repainted by a reputable body shop. Kept the factory color of Pearl White. Matched excellent. They repaired some dings during the process. The car has no rust.
  • Carbon fiber Z1 motorsports air ducts in the front bumper replaced the fog lights to keep the intercoolers cool
  • The seats were re-done in 2 tone leather/vinyl and suede. The gray on the seats and arm rest is suede. The off-white is the leather/vinyl. Went with off-white to match the color of the car. Seats look great
  • Brand new convertible softop. The top is fully manual - didn't make it automatic back then. Top functions 100%.
  • Momo Italy shift knob and carbon fiber shift boot
  • JDM Front clear turn signals - OEM Nissan
  • JDM Rear tail lights - OEM Nissan
  • Interior speakers replaced with Pioneed 4 way speakers. Trunk has a Rockford Fosgate amplifier powering a 10inch Pioneer subwoofer.
  • Autometer white face Boost Gauge in Left A pillar
  • Vehicle has a "emergency vehicle" strobe light kit currently installed in the rear reverse light sockets and the front high beams. The strobe lights are clear. Cool for car shows. They were removed from a cop car. It is the Whalen system which has all replacement parts available on eBay if you ever were to need a replacement bulb, etc. This is not a permanent thing and no holes were drilled in the lights to install. Can be removed very easily in minutes if you don't care for it. The switches to activate them are under the arm rest

The Good:

  • One of a kind SUPER RARE car that was never made. Cost me somewhere around $25,000 out the door to build this car. I have owned it 13+ years and just ready for a change. Nothing wrong with it, just ready to move on to a new project.
  • Super fast car that is fun to drive.
  • Mechanically, the car needs nothing
  • Turns lots of heads and starts conversations anywhere you go
  • RARE Collectors care with clean carfax history and just 2 owners
  • This will only go up in value from here

The imperfections you should know about:

  • The car is a 1993 and garage kept and while I treat it like a garage queen, you may not agree that it is in great condition based on how picky you are. It does have minor cosmetic flaws that can't really be shown in an eBay ad. Please come check it out in person if you are picky.
  • It has a few chips and marks on the front bumper and maybe elsewhere I haven't noticed. Has some scuffs on interior parts as well, mainly on the rear deck where the top sits. I did not get carried away replacing all that stuff. You may choose to do it, or leave it alone like I did.
  • The top of the steering wheel has a lot of wear on it, so I covered it with an aftermarket leather wrap. You can have a professional repair the wrap on the steering wheel to make it look brand new if this bothers you.
  • The engine bay is dirty and looks like it hasn't been washed in 10 years, and that is because I have never washed it and am too scared to put water on it. If I took it to car shows, I probably would have cleaned it somehow. Don't expect a clean looking engine when you pick it up. If you are OK with pressure washing water all over your engine, you can do that after you buy it.
  • I have the car PA Classic Tagged. This means I don't have to do emissions inspection. If you do not tag it as a Classic, and your state has emissions testing, then you will have to remove the pre-cats I have bolted on and install 2 catalytic converters. Best thing to do is just register it as a classic in your state. Also in regard to passing safety inspection, if you state requires it like PA does, you will need to plug in the reverse light bulbs which can be done in 2 mins, and plug in the high beam bulbs as well. Right now I have strobe light bulbs sitting in those sockets
  • The A/C doesn't blow cold. I don't know why. All AC components exist, none of that was removed. Probably has a freon leak somewhere, but I have never drove this car with the top up, so I never cared to fix it. I actually forgot for years that it didn't work and just remembered while writing this ad.
  • That's all I can think of for now as for the bad. I don't drive this car much at all and it is a 4th car to me. If I recall anything else I will add it to this listing. I strongly urge and want any serious buyer to meet me before the auction ends so I can show you the car. Please ask any questions and try to see the car before the auction ends. This isn't your typical car.

My Terms:

  • Understand you are buying a used car - not a brand-new car. Very important.
  • Buyer must send a paypal deposit of $500 within 24 hours of auction close.
  • Buyer must pay for in full within 5 days of auction close.
  • Buyer must either pick the car up in person within 5 days, or have your shipping company come pick it up within 7 days of auction close.
  • Please email me with any questions you may have and I'll be happy to answer them.
  • I have been buying and selling cars and car parts on eBay for 17 years. I have sold 5 of my personal BMW's in the last 4 years on eBay with no complaints. I sold my classic 1991 Mercedes on here last year as well. Check out my feedback, it speaks for itself! Buy with confidence!
  • Please be realistic and understand this is a used car and will have some imperfections


Item location:Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States
Interior color:Gray
Engine:Twin Turbo
Vehicle Title:Clear