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1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R Tommy Kaira Limited Edition R32 *MAKE AN OFFER*

150,000 MILEAGE

1993 Nissan GT-R Description:

Limited edition R32 GT-R by the famous Tommy Kaira tuning shop in Japan. Known as the 'Tommy Kaira R'. There were only 400 R32 Tommy Kaira GTRs made, each coming with their own unique plaque. Mine is number 273 out of 400. This is a 1993 model and therefore is eligible in the US in 2018 - I can arrange for shipping on your behalf.
I imported the car a few years ago to the UK and given the high mileage upon import (241 kms / 149k miles) I ordered a full service to be performed on the car with a Skyline specialist which cost around c.£3.5k, most of that was due to a gearbox rebuild but also included cam belt and water pump replacement. A lot of the bushes etc needed replacing as it didn't appear that they had been done for some time. The suspension has been changed to Blitz coilovers and they are fine. A compression test showed the engine is still strong and so no need for a rebuild in the near term - so mechanically it is fine.
Being an Japanese import, there is limited documentation however I do have the original Tommy Kaira brochure for the car that details all of the parts that were available, which this car seems to have the majority of including the full TK Aero Kit (Front Bumper, Spoiler w/Carbon blade, Wheels, Exhaust), TK Strut brace, TK Engine Cover, TK Air Filter, TK Bucket Seats, TK Speedo, TK Center Console Gauges, TK Steering Wheel etc. I've bought replacement TK bootlid badges which will be included within the sale.
There is a video on youtube - search for " Tommy Kaira R33 and R32 "
In order to get the car perfect, it could do with a respray at some point. There is a smalldent on the skirt on one side (as shown in the youtube video) and the TK RPM and Speedo needles sometimes behave oddly but otherwise the car is fine.
These cars are extremely rare even in Japan so you will not see another for sale for a very long time. I currently know of only 1 other Tommy Kaira R32 GTR in the USA at the moment.
Worldwide Shipping can be arranged. Note : The VIN used in the advert is a dummy so please ignore it (VIN can be provided separately).


Item location:London, United Kingdom
Vehicle Title:Clear