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1960 1500 Manual

58,045 MILEAGE

1960 Nash Metropolitan 1500 Description:

Do you think the classic small cars are exclusively European? Mini Cooper? Fiat 500? If you want ultra-cool in a compact package, then you need to check out this 1960 Nash Metropolitan. It mixes classic '50s styling with lively driving to make for a great little attention getter with an interesting story. The black and white on this coupe gives it a great classic presentation. After all, the full-length trim line and roof line provide distinct barriers for the two-tone. And with the high-gloss finish against all the trim, this little Met has the same appeal as Nash's bigger cars. In fact, that's exactly what they were looking to do. American Motors had these built in England by BMC. These small car specialists were able to create a far more substantial package (right down to the continental kit) than American companies could do for compacts at the time. And so the result was a cool import with a domestic name. Just like the exterior, the interior continues a tasteful black and white theme. The British-built Metropolitan is small, but the people at American Motors knew they had to import something that was going to fit two of their countrymen without a problem. The two-tone vinyl bench is roomier than the car's size suggests, and the split back does a fine job providing individual comfort. These coupes do also have a back seat. It's not exactly roomy for passengers, but its similar custom black/white presentation makes for a well-presented storage shelf and access to the trunk. The driver gets one large main gauge pod dominated by a speedometer, but since the car was sourced from Britain, it happens to be a Smiths readout. So just imagine the looks on people's faces as you compare this Metropolitan to Jaguars and Aston Martins. Since the 1.5-liter came from Austin in England, you know there's some fun in this car. It's not built for all out speed, but these are the people who really know about how to get the most out of a small powerplant. In fact, this B-Series motor is related to the MGA 1500. This was a popular motor in Europe, and parts are still easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Like a good frugal European, the fuel mileage allows you to get out and drive on a budget. The three-speed manual transmission has light action, and with smart gearing, it cruises at highway speeds nicely. With a tight turning radius and nippy handling, this American Nash feels like a proper European import. Here's a neat little vintage mini car with great club support and a wonderful vibe that's all its own. It's distinctive; it's affordable; and it's smiles for miles. Call today!!!


Item location:Local pick-up only
Color:Other Color
Interior color:Other Color
Engine:1500 CC
Vehicle Title:Clear