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1991 SUPERCHARGED Mitsubishi 3000GT SL RIPP Custom

124,000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Description:

350 HP Supercharged 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT. I have owned the car since 2001. All work listed was done professionally.
Very clean, very low miles on newer engine (>500 miles). Car was painted professionally Lexus Matador Red Mica in 2014. Custom wide body fenders in the front and back add subtle, more aggressive look. All door jambs and engine bay painted. Interior has new OEM carpet. New windshield in 2014. Paint tends to look more red in brighter sunlight.
Engine is a 3.4L custom built stroker engine (IPS Motorsports). Forged internals (pistons, rods and crank), bored over, balanced and blueprinted engine. Polished and ported upper and lower intake plenums. 5 angle valve job, ported and polished heads with cam regrind. Have invoices for everything.
Transmission custom rebuilt by IPT transmission. "Bullet-proof" automatic rated at 500HP. All new internals, less than 500 miles. Push button shifting for manual mode. Limited Slip Differential that splits the power to the wheels 50/50. High stall torque converter at 3200RPM.
Autometer Nexus gauges. They change colors and are all programmable. There is a speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, boost meter, Air/Fuel, trans temp, oil pressure and battery gauges.
Dynoed at 288HP wheels (350HP at the crank) on a rough tune and about 3psi. A stock VR4 from the same year is about 225HP at the wheels (300HP crank) as an FYI. Can handle up to 10psi of boost. Would still need a better tune overall. 3SX/The Performance Factory had the car in late 2015 and 2016 performing the dyno tuning and AEM mapping. Car really should go back and be re-tuned. There is a video on youtube showing the car. Type in "1991 3000GT supercharged" and you will find it.
Now for what it needs and what it is. This car runs and drives, but NOT consistently. The car has a brand new Optima battery, but every once in awhile does not want to start on the first crank. The car will always start, it just takes more attempts than it should.
  • The driving is NOT what it should be. The car tends to lock in 3rd gear (which is failsafe mode). I am honestly not sure why, but would suspect it needs a better tune on the dyno. The TCU and ECU just aren't staying in sync. I can tell you it is extremely fast off the line for an automatic when it is running right. This car COULD NOT be driven home and definitely needs to be towed.

  • The tires need to be replaced. They have under 500 miles, but they are old and the front one has a bad stem and is flat. I figured I would leave alone as most people want to put their custom wheels and tires on.

  • Interior needs new leather (see photos of the front seat). Carpet is new from 2014 and in good shape. Radio doesn't work and some speakers are missing. Its the factory sound system so it was outdated as it was. Perfect for someone that wants to put their own set up in.

  • Missing some underbody parts (the black plastic pieces). Visually it can look off in some places, but doesn't cause any issues mechanically

  • As mentioned about the transmission, something just isn't right. The push button manual mode used to bypass everything so it would force it to shift. Lately that isn't working and I am not sure why. So the car is in third gear in any mode. My suggestion would be to either work with The Performance Factory in North Carolina since they somewhat know this car to see what they can do to get back in order. Otherwise swapping a manual transmission would most likely solve everything. The engine is strong and runs great, it just isn't getting the power delivered to the wheels. I am 99% confident a manual transmission would solve everything and these are fairly easy to find and swap out since everything is a direct fit.

I have tried to list everything as best I can and as best I can remember. I haven't driven the car all that much the last year. I have owned the car for quite some time and its time for someone else to take this over and finish it. This is such a cool car and just looks good sitting in my garage.
Its not worth mentioning how much $$$ is in this car. Ill never get it back nor was I planning on that. I am in no hurry to sell and I want to see this go to someone that really is into these cars and wants to take it to the next level. If you buy it you can always reach back out to me for any questions or advice. Not saying I am an expert, but Ive been involved with these cars for over 18 years.
I encourage you to head over to 3si(dot)org on the forums for more background on this car. My user name is IronFish and I had a thread up showing various details and info about this car. If you go to the forum, the thread is under the "IPS Motorsports" in the vendors section.
Shipping will be up to the buyer, but I will work with you in terms of scheduling. The car is located in Northern Illinois near Rockford.
Please reach out with any questions. Thanks for checking this out and reading everything!


Item location:Machesney Park, Illinois, United States
Color:Matador Red Mica
Interior color:Tan
Drive type:FWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear