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1957 MG MGA 1500 Roadster restoration? daily driver? Complete, wire wheels title

Roadster convertible BODY TYPE
4 speed manual TRANSMISSION
Gasoline FUEL

1957 MG MGA convertible Description:

The first photo shows the car when it arrived at my house, all other photos are after a good bath! This car has been sitting outside for a year (the interior was protected from rain) and before that in an enclosed barn for the last 20+ years and was a daily driver until an accident happened that mashed the right headlight. It's a perfect 'refreshtoration' project but needs rockers if you restore it because these are rusty like all the other MGA project cars out there. The previous owner fiberglassed over the rockers when the car was repainted so the painted lower rocker sections you see in the pictures are fiberglass. The door bottoms are ok and the rest of the car has rust occasionally here and there so if you can weld in rockers or know someone who can then this car isn't out of reach for getting it back on the road. The front fender damage is what took the car off the road over 20 years ago but an original MGA front fender with headlight bucket and wiring comes with the car and what's bad on the car fender is actually good on the extra fender for repairing the damage.
The M.G. Car Company Ltd. serial# tag on the firewall says "HDK43-24571" and "BP15GP-14760" for the motor# although the aluminum tag on the engine was lost when the engine was rebuilt back in 1978. The transmission shifts smoothly with solid gate feel and no mushiness. The SU dual carbs are marked AUC 6020z and appear to be original to the car and 2 extra bigger SU carbs are included too. Interior is surprisingly complete with the dash intact and the plywood floors still strong and supporting my weight in the original seats. The speedometer says 98k miles so it's either original or 198k - anyone's guess. There's no pictures of the trunk (boot) area because I can't get the lid open so unknown what's in the trunk. I looked under the rear fenders and the trunk floor on either side of the gas tank appears solid.

The electrical is mostly original cloth covered wiring with the car changed to one large 12V battery but still retaining the original 12V positive ground electrical system. There is a Motorola alternator and another Motorola electrical box and wiring in the engine bay from when a previous owner upgraded the electrical system to an alternator. The ignition key comes with the car but I didn't power up the electrical system because any good restoration requires the electrical connections be cleaned and greased with moisture proof electrical grease before old connections (especially Lucas connections) receive power to prevent electrical problems immediate and down the road. I did jump the stater solenoid because that's a heavy duty circuit and the engine turns over and with the oil cap off I can see the rocker arm and valves move. The front fender damage most likely happened when the car was being driven so it makes sense the engine was running and this car was running and driving when the car was taken out of service.
There's some extra parts and pieces included with the car:Aluminum finned valve cover3 extra knock off wire wheels
fog light/driving light bar for mounting on the front bumper2 big SU carburetors marked AUC 7081w (Austin Healey? Jaguar XK?)

Plan on going through the brake system and flushing the lines whether you want a daily driver or you're going to do a complete tear down restoration. We stepped on the brake when loading and now the left front drum is sticking so a brake job is needed when you receive the car. The car still rolls but it's too sticky to drive as is without looking into. Naturally the tires are shot after 20 years but they still hold air and are good for rolling around the shop. All in all a great restoration project that is untouched (no removed parts and no missing bolts) and ready for your love. The MGA is regarded as a very affordable restoration project and this one has the added value of being an early 1500 Roadster model. Parts are plentiful and inexpensive across the MGA1500/1600 model range and quality new aftermarket parts are readily available so you won't get stalled out having fun with this one. This is the restoration project you've been looking for.
Clean and clear title in hand ready to sign over, after full payment I'll hold until your shipper can get here. Check out my 1972 Kaw*sak* h2 750 listed for sale right now(the eday police won't let me say make/model brand names within an unrelated auction). I'm selling a lifetime of motorcycles and some cars because you can't take it with you. May be of interest to those searching for Mg mga mkII mk2 deluxe coupe and twin cam twincam mgb gt tf or midget de luxe magnette.


Item location:Seattle, Washington, United States
Type:Roadster convertible
Interior color:Black
Transmission:4 speed manual
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean