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A beautiful, restored, rebuilt MG TD ready for many years of fun driving

Convertible BODY TYPE
1250cc XPAG numbers matching ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1952 MG T-Series Description:

A beautiful, rebuilt and restored documented/validated Southern Car (was in Panama City, Florida since at least 1985), very low (51k) original miles.
Chassis is excellent, rust free, painted and detailed, all wood floors replaced and stained and urethaned. Really looks like the deck of a fine wooden boat underneath. Suspension is very clean and in excellent condition.
Very few miles on a rebuilt, numbers matching, 1250cc XPAG engine with rebuilt SU carbs and original air cleaner assembly. Engine bay is spotless and, as shown, new wiring harness (the single most important item to ensure reliability), alloy rocker and tappet cover plates, new SU fuel pump, braided metal fuel lines. VERY impressive.
Excellent chrome throughout, some nice touches ('period' Marchal driving lights, Motometer water temp gauge on radiator cap, and has all the lines and fittings to install a heater, even original wing lights...NOT reproductions as on most of these cars), top and side curtains are near new, tires are radials and appear to be new, and.............
Did a compression test, 150 psi in every cylinder, oil pressure runs 60+ when warm, zero smoke cold or hot, excellent transmission (good synchromesh, doesn't pop out of gears, quiet operation), it really doesn't get much better.
Brakes are all new, shoes, wheel cylinders, and master cylinder (clutch is mechanical), starts instantly, runs flawlessly, and is a real joy on the road.
What makes TDs such pleasant road collector's cars are: wonderful ride, steering, and handling due to the chassis derived from an MG YB sedan, high revving willing little engine with a slick 4 speed transmission (in their day, these cars often went right from the dealer's showroom to the race track, hence the folding windshield), very easy to service and maintain (ck out Moss Motors, nearly every part one might need is listed in their catalog) and in their day, many of these cars were sold to college kids who were able to keep the car running with a single tool roll and owner's manual.
Best of all, one can easily install twin half moon shaped Aero screens on the cowl, drive all Summer with the windshield folded down, and feel like one is driving a super valuable collector's car. A wire wheel conversion kit is readily available, not too expensive (especially if you find a good set of five used wire wheels...on eBay), a luggage rack is a nice option for a golfer who wants to drive to the country club in style, and with the weather equipment installed and heater (available brand new), even drive this car on dry, colder days.
For the money, no better collector's sports car and zipping around town, a wonderful way to park one's money ('parking' is the reality as, when time comes to move on, you can always get your money back). Classic car insurance is inexpensive, and with the new brakes and wiring harness, new fuel pump, tires, and rebuilt drive train, essentially perfect rust and filler free body, one can expect (and/or hope for) a nice, long, enjoyable period of ownership with few worries.
Now, TDs were never two tone (at least when new, many have since been painted in an interesting selection of colors) but I really loved the elegance of this subtle darker and lighter gray And have owned many two tone Morgans for near half a century. Clearly one's option is 1/ leave it alone, really draws a crowd 2/ paint the upper part matching darker gray or the lower part matching lighter gray or 3/ for its 1st birthday in its new owner's hands, paint it all deep green, red, or whatever other color, after all, they all go nicely with the black interior. I checked with a kitchen magnet, no indication of plastic filler anywhere........INCREDIBLE for a near seventy year old car and a good indication of how this car has been cared for over its many decades but very few miles.
It is a fun car, not a lot of money, easy to keep and drive, and would be dandy at local car shows or just back and forth to the local pizza shop.


Item location:Stratford, Connecticut, United States
VIN:TD 19354
Interior color:Black
Engine:1250cc XPAG numbers matching
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clean