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1952 merc 2 owner car in nearly mint 37,000 miles same owner for over 40 years

37,000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1952 Mercury Monterey DELUX Description:

for all of you who want a near mint mercury from the early 50s with a unique history, here you go. this car was owned by a wealthy older lady who drive the car very little and had a maid who took care of her for many years. when she died she had in her will the car was to be given to the mai, care provider. at that time the car only had 19,000miles always garaged and rarely driven in bad weather and kept in heated garage basemant . This older woman bought the car new on 5/24/52.for 2,987.15 then car was givin to the maid on 5/2/83 w/only 19,000 miles. then traded in on march 24 1994 with only 27,000 miles on it for a newer car, but missed this car badly and wished shed never traded it in. then years later she and her husband heard the car was still at the dealership used and only put on 3,000 miles by the dealership for shows and some personal use by the dealerships owner before stored in the dealerships show room there for many years. so her husband went there on march//6/2014 and bought the car back with only 30,486 miles in 1994 only drove it for 7,000 miles till this year and also in another climate controled garage basment . i have all paperwork backing this all up !!!! the origonal invoice when car was purchased new !!. also the invoice when car was traded in for a newer model !!, then the origonal title when car was purchased back in 1994 !!! what history !!!! car is all origonal except for one high quality re-finish done in1987. not just a cheap paint job. all trim and even windows front and rear were removed . car was stripped to bare metal a few small spots here and there repaired were very small but done with metal only outer lower dog/legs and left rear fender behind wheel . theres no filler on this car all minor repairs was done old school with metal and lead. also the highest quality paint was all color sanded every inch and buffe, and today it still looks fresh with no signs of ever been painted at all,its all perfect ! and could pass as all origional as the jams and openings have no signs of a refinish and are all origional paint.all weatherstrips are perfect too!! it all looks origional and can pass for origional with no problems. at car shows its always given best origional car hands down..under this car is mint. as the motor area is all orig and clean, all outer and inner panels are perfect, free of any rust..,the floors and the rockers, trunk floor ( still has orgional trunk liners) and rear inner panels such as all inner penals, inner rockers, inner fenders etc, all free of rust too!!!.now the interior is all orig and in mint mint cond all of it. the material, seats headliner visors, rugs, and all windlace, and all painted areas are mint cond. everything works all gauges, light, wipers,inner lights work. i mean everything.engine area is clean and origional never detailed..and complete drive line runs and drives as it should. no noises .no smoke, only leaks oil very little from pan gasket no larger than a dime and thats only if it sits a month or so. if driven and started weekly its does not leak anything at all .runs cool in hot fla weather. has great oil preassure, quiet can not hear it run even with hood up. suspension and brakes all perfect, tires are newer with lots of tread. they are origional correct size bisas ply orig. size. only a few dings so small you cant see them unless right up on them .dont even show in the photos.and cant see unless right upon them inches away!! but i want to tell everything about the car. chrome is very good even the die-cast take a look. . the car rides and drives as if it is a new 52 merc. steering and suspension is nice and tight. if you want a rust free,collission free,early 50s merc here it is. always in climate controled garage and only drivin in nice weather, once in a while caught in bad weather which could not be helpe, call mike if any questions .352 620 4934 bought car to enjoy. and boy do we enjoy it, wife really loves the car . but have son still in school with 2 more years to go . this is a honest 37,000 car with no issues just get in and drive anywhere. no rust or collission .needs nothing at all..cant stress enough how mint mint this car is!! if you need photos of engine area and underside and trunk just message me with your email and i will forward them to you via. email thanks fory your time looking at this great car. got to be one of the nicest in the country. always serviced every 3,000 miles and serviced as needed. car needs nothing at all !!!!! again take a look at the photos this car is just awsome great entry level classic for the whole faimly to enjoy, go cruising, go to shows and ge always best origonal or preservation award, and even peoples choice !! how many classic cars for sale have all origional paperwork from day one ?? this is a very high end driver classic car that gets thumbs up everytime its out for a ride or show.again needs nothing at all just get in and drive anywhere with no issues at all !!


Item location:Gainesville, Florida, United States
Interior color:GREY
Engine:FLAT HEAD V/8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear