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1992 mercedes-benz 300d 2.5 sedan 4-door 2.5l

263000 MILEAGE
Diesel FUEL

1992 Mercedes-Benz 300-Series Description:

1992 Mercedes-Benz 300D for sale. I've had this vehicle for about 4 years it was gonna be a long term project but with working two jobs and my new baby I sadly don't have time to continue and storage is becoming a problem. The negatives rebuilt title think it was hit in the passenger rear quarter found glass under rear seats when purchased. Oil pan was welded from previous owner, the paint is pretty good except the truck and rear half of vehicle it's like flat no shine. Missing interior panels/door skins and I think 2 windows don't have regulators in them. And lastly don't know if there is air in system but vehicle will die unless you hit the accelerator on startup or to keep running. For "off road use only" the egr is still mounted on vehicle but blocked off and the crankcase vent going to intake is blocked off to prevent the oil from going into turbo and engine, it's just vented to atmosphere. It has the exhaust cut off so straight pipe after the turbo its loud but not bad I loved the sound so kept it that way.
For the positives it's been a great vehicle for me drive it for 4 years as my daily spent $600 on rebuilding the turbo 1500 miles ago also got rid of the original vacuum style wastegate and put a pressure style wastegate like most modern cars and it has a manual boost pressure regulator. The people that know these cars know the vaccum system sucked and would cut your boost while driving making it dangerous in traffic now you have full boost at all times and has a boost pressure gauge to the left of the steering wheel. Starts and runs everytime really reliable. I was gonna change the water pump because it's wet but does not drip or overheat and new pump is in the trunk along with other specialy tools for checking compression on this motor, tool to remove the injection lines orings and some leftover gaskets from the dealer. All fluids were changed regularly including transmission which shifts smooth. Any questions message me I will try to respond within a day and I can respond quicker on the weekends. Kevin


Item location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Engine:2.5 L
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed