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1975 Mercedes Unimog for sale!

Gasoline FUEL

1975 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Description:

This 1975 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404 is powered by a 2.2L inline six-cylinder engine and sends power to all four wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The exterior is re-painted in an army green, and the vinyl upholstery is black. This largely unmodified example features a Warn 15,000lb winch, a retractable soft top over the cab, portal axles, and a soft canvas top over the wood bed. The owner notes the mileage to be 39,042 miles, however, no odometer was present at the inspection to verify, so the total mileage is unknown. The truck was imported from Germany for an expedition to Africa that ultimately didn't happen. It now resides in Texas.
The third-party photos and inspection of this Unimog tell the story of the truck well. It has weathered the storm and awaits a light recommissioning or total restoration. Attention is required to some parts, as recommended in the inspection report, in order to render the vehicle fully operational. There is rust present that is perforating, yet some is just surface rust. The exterior is weathered, and the paint exhibits evidence of previous paint jobs as well as heavy scratching and wear. Dents and dings are found in multiple locations, most noticeably the hood. The wood bed is rotting and needs to be replaced. The wiper system, horn, and dash lights are inoperable. Oil is seeping from the engine as well as the axle portal boxes. The interior also shows rust and signs of heavy wear. Overall the truck is functional, and the owner states that it is running. This vehicle does not have a title and will be sold on a bill of sale.
This Unimog is being sold through a Pro and is located in Boerne, TX.
About the model
The Unimog is an all-terrain vehicle produced by Daimler AG and sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand. Production of the Unimog started in 1948 by Boehringer until Damiler acquired the brand and put the Unimog into its model range in 1950. Highly adaptable, the Unimog can be found around the world in many uses, from agriculture to emergency services. As Mercedes-Benz's parent company Daimler AG also owns Freightliner, the Unimog is sold as the Freightliner Unimog in the North American market.
Features and Specs
39,042 miles reported (no odometer was available during inspection)


Item location:Miami, Florida, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:--
Vehicle Title:--