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1986 SEL 5.6L V8 16V Automatic RWD

107,765 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL

1986 Mercedes-Benz 500-Series SEL Description:

The best way to make a dramatic an entrance in the power-hungry '80s was in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Today, with a big V8, A/C interior, and deep blue presentation, a heavy hitter like this 1986 Mercedes 560 SEL long-wheelbase sedan is a great vintage way to still show that you're at the very top of the hierarchy. Few cars have a more commanding road presence than an S-Class Mercedes, and you'll have no trouble cruising through traffic with this handsome sedan. The dark blue has a great glossy presentation. In typical German fashion, the design is restrained and the clean lines minimize the car's size, but there's no denying that this is a lot of sheet metal hammering down the road. A few bits of chrome emphasizes the car's best attributes, and there's just no mistaking the big three-pointed star up front that moves lesser traffic out of the way like a snow plow. So while you may find the occasional signs of this sedan being enjoyed as a luxury cruiser, it still knows how to make an entrance. You might have noticed the tan pinstripe on the exterior. Not only does it look great against the blue, but it also is a preview of the interior color - always a sign of a classy build. Inside, the S-Class got every luxury and convenience item Mercedes engineers could imagine in 1986. The power adjustable leather buckets are supple and supportive. They're even electrically heated. Intricately stitched door panels feature a matching material, and the burled walnut here and on the center console warms up the atmosphere nicely. This exceptional condition of the interior is a reminder of Mercedes build quality and reaffirms this car's level of superior care. As a true luxury machine, there are plenty of great features such as a sunroof, power locks, cruise control, power steering, power windows, and automatic A/C climate control. Plus, the radio has been upgraded to a modern AM/FM/CD stereo. Mercedes also utilized the S-Class as the showcase for their latest safety pieces, so you also get features not everyone got decades ago like the driver's airbag and anti-lock brakes. Big, clear instruments are a hallmark of M-B cars, and the whole experience behind the wheel is like piloting a first-class luxury liner. Power comes from a 5.6-liter V8 - it's the "560" in 560 SEL. This was the big motor from Mercedes at the time, and so it makes this S-Class truly top-of-the-line. There's a deep well of torque to make the big sedan feel quick from a standstill and light on its feet. It's also legendary for its durability, and thanks to proper maintenance throughout its life, it still fires up with the kind of vigor that makes far newer vehicles jealous. The four-speed automatic transmission is the perfect companion to flex its German muscles when it wants, and then it settles back into overdrive luxury immediately. The fully independent suspension that soaks up bumps like a hovercraft, and the iconic Mercedes-Benz alloy wheels hold touring Michelin radials. This classic sedan was designed to carry executives both in the front and back seats. So when CEO luxury is at a mailroom price, you know you need to act quickly. Call now!


Item location:Local pick-up only
SubModel:4 Dr Sedan
Doors:4 Doors
Interior color:Tan
Engine:5.6L V8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear