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1982 Mercedes 240D, Great Condition, Beautiful Survivor

192,000 MILEAGE
4 cylinder ENGINE
Diesel FUEL

1982 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series 240D Description:

1982 Mercedes 240D, Great Condition, Beautiful Survivor

Doctor-owned, well maintained, original survivor. There are plenty of W123 chassis cars out there but none will be as well sorted as this one.The current owner and the previous owner, both Mercedes enthusiasts and friends, doted on this car to make it perform and function as close to a new one as possible.

Only selling due to the acquisition of another collector car and to free up funds for a new project.

Previous owner purchased the car in 2010. It was in beautiful original condition already but several key systems were addressed in order to prepare it as his daughter’s first car. Fuel and vacuum systems were refurbished. Worn suspension components were replaced. AC compressor, diesel injectors, battery and alternator were all replaced with new.New rear axles, CV boots and glow plugs were installed and the valves were adjusted. The result was a wonderfully safe and reliable, classic yet “cool”, car for the previous owner’s 16 year old daughter.

The current owner, also a Mercedes enthusiast, bought the car in August 2012 when his friend’s daughter went off to college. He took the car to the next level, mechanically and functionally. The top end was rebuilt to bring the car’s performance back to original spec, including replacement of intake and exhaust valve guides, head gaskets, head bolts and resurfacing of the heads and valves.The air intake ports have been re-machined to allow smooth air flow at the intake. The sunroof mechanisms have been cleaned and lubricated. Nearly all typical wear items including hoses, belts, bulbs, switches, grease, oil, tires, wheel bearings, linkages, etc., were replaced or adjusted. For 5 years now, this car has served as a reliable daily driver for the current owner as he commutes to his two Optometry practices in North Georgia.

So what we have today is an honest survivor that has not been “over-restored” but has been so well sorted out that you simply will not find a better one from a performance and reliability standpoint. Yes you can find lower mileage examples out there, but at 192K, this one is still quite low.

Cosmetically, it has aged gracefully.The original, single stage, exterior paint shines nicely.The carpets, seats and door panels all look great.The headliner is perfect. The seals and rubber around the windows, etc. are in great shape except some of the felt coverings are worn. The sunroof is manual, not electric, which is rare, elegantly simple and really cool…plus the manual sunroofs are bigger.The sheepskin seat cover on the driver’s seat is really nice and is there for comfort (not to hide damage). This car is not perfect, for sure, but is so beautiful in its original condition that restoration never was a consideration.

Provenance is very important to maintain the value of a classic car and this car comes with an impressive package.A very nice set of original manuals and original owner maintenance documentation is included, as listed here: clear plastic portfolio for manuals; owner’s manual; service and warranty book; embossed metal data plate; Mercedes directory of diesel fuel stations and dealer location booklet; and maintenance log booklet. The maintenance booklet shows how the original owner (a physician at Vanderbilt University) completed all maintenance entries starting when the car was new in 1982 and continuing for 18 years without a break. The inspection stickers and information tags on the driver’s side door jamb are intact and in great shape. The original New Car Delivery Pre-Inspection report, that the dealership provides when new, is included. A letter from Mercedes-Benz with the data card that confirms the original equipment on the car is included. You simply cannot buy a good set of original documentation.

The car comes with the original tool kit and pouch as well as the original First Aid Kit. I know it is hard to believe but it appears that the materials in the kit are also original (the package of band-aids has an expiration date of November 1988!).

Features include:

4 Cylinder Diesel Engine

Exterior Color:Light Ivory (Cream)

Interior Color:Palomino (Light Brown)

Power Windows and Power Locks

Manual Sunroof

Original Becker AM/FM Stereo with Cassette

Notable Imperfections: There are three very small cracks in the dash (see pics).There are a few small hairline cracks in the clear coat on the wood near the shifter on the console.The “automatic” feature of the antenna did not work, so a manual antenna has been installed. All the exterior rubber is really good but the driver’s window “scraper” shows some cracking. There is a small area on the rear drivers side rear quarter panel, very low, that has some rust where the water drainage holes got clogged and water accumulated there (you can't really see it but it is there). There are a few minor paint chips around the car that have been touched up.

These are great cars and it is a little sad that the values for these wonderful classics are not at a higher level.I am fairly certain that, if we added up the receipts and refurbishment work invested in this car over the last 7 years (thick file of documentation included), it would surpass $20,000.

If you are interested please call Ron at 770-616-3300. I am a friend of owner/seller and can answer most questions or get back with you with the answers I don't know. I can also put you in touch with the shop that has done most of the maintenance on the car. Inspections are encouraged but only prior to end of the auction. You do not get to win the auction then decide if you want the car. I will assist in coordination if you desire to have the car inspected.

Thank you for your interest!

Cash, cashiers check and wire transfer are acceptable forms of payment as long as funds are cleared in sellers account prior to releasing possession and signing over ownership.


Item location:Acworth, Georgia, United States
Interior color:Palomino
Engine:4 cylinder
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear