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1993 Miata LE-17690 miles convertible


1993 Mazda MX-5 Miata Description:

1993 Mazda LE with 17700 original miles in excellent condition. I drove a 93 to purchase this car in 2011. It was valuable then and valuable today. I still have my other LE. I lost my free storage for this car. I don't want the hassle and expense of finding storage. I now would rather have the money. I have another one to drive.
I own 2 because these are the best of the Miata. I assume the new owner feels the same way. This is the best looking driving of all the early editions. If you are not familiar with the LE do a google search. There is a registry and facebook group dedicated to the LE.
The car has been driven 400 miles since my ownership, mostly around the block. It was always covered and never washed until I had it detailed about to months ago. Since my ownership I have changed the fuel filter, approximately 5 years ago, changed the oil 2 times.The drives power window cables sieved up and I replace the window regulator/motor with parts from my other LE. Works fine. I tore a cover under the front (pictured in video) on my garage!! The radio works, but lacks volume. I had it looked at, but they didn't done anything to fix it. I believe it can brought back, but sold as is. The battery is one year old.
Prior ownership is shown in the carfax. It list an minor accident. I saw this carfax when I bought the car in 2011. The owner could not determine what had happened other than a scratch on the right lower side of back bumper. It also list a tune up done in the past and oil changes. Other than that I no nothing about the car prior to my ownership.
Looks like new and drives like new.
I know this is a dream car for someone. It is for me. Get it now.
I have several videos on a popular tube site search: FOR SALE: 1993 Miata LE-17690 miles.Look in the description box for links to other videos and the carfax. I no nothing about shipping a car. I will leave that to the buyer. I do want a cashiers check overnighted for final payment.
I have been on ebay for years, check my ratings. The car is legit.

Thanks, T.


Item location:Galesburg, Illinois, United States
Model:MX-5 Miata
Vehicle Title:Clean