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112047 MILEAGE
Convertible BODY TYPE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Lotus Elan Description:

. - let me explain this. California has a rule that the car needs to be smogged in order to sell. I have never had an issue having the car pass smog over the years, but I have tried to figure out the battery drain on the car, taken it in a few times, but haven't figured it out. I'm at a point where I need to sell it and make room in the garage. If I did figure out the issue, it would be too hard to let it go. This is by far the most fun car i have ever driven and you will get thumbs ups and people constantly asking about it. It has 236 CC w/ turbo and is so light weight, it's so quick you wont believe it. it turns on rails - has bucket seats and a racing clutch - it "wooossshhhes" when you change gears. It's a car you have never experienced driving before until you drive it. There were about 500 of these cars built for the US only this one year, not sure how many are still left on the road, but i'd imagine less than half. There are forums and websites dedicated to this car. The engine was built by Isuzu, so lots of engine parts are easily accessible. Other than the electrical issue, there are no other major issues that I am aware of. The A/C either doesn't work or is just out of refrigerant. It's "clean" from a standpoint of driveable when the battery is charged, but as you can tell by the pictures, not too clean on the inside. The is fiberglass on the outside and plastic on the inside, so there are parts that are cracked, worn down, etc. The antenna is not installed and one of the headlights doesn't flip up all the way. The I've spent over $1,000 to fix a couple leaks and put a new cv boot on it and tie rods. Paperwork from Kniesel's work included. I've also had new tires put on it about a year and a half ago, they were $450 - they have less than 100 miles on them. I ordered and had a new top put on the car a few years ago, and it's seen sun and rain only a handful of times - it was one of the last tops available and was $1,800 + a few hundred shipping. I've had other upkeep work done and will include the paperwork I have. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
JUST TO BE CLEAR - the car has run fine when the battery is charged - the problem with the battery is that it drains in about 2 days if not driven. Maybe you can figure it out. The car also does RUN HOT - from the reading I've done about this car, it's pretty standard. The fan kicks on pretty constantly to assist, but the best way to cool it down is airflow from driving it. SELLING IT AS IS CONDITION
I put this car up for sale a couple of years ago - prior to having the leaks fixed, the cv boot put on it, tie rods, and putting new tires on it, and I got a high bid of $4,650 (which didn't hit the reserve price). Hence why I am asking for $6,000 to start the bidding now, with no reserve price.
***One thing i forgot to mention (and shouldn't have) is that the gas tank, when more 3/4 full, does smell like gas when in the car. The original gas tanks in these cars are plastic and the top neck has a bend to it. It's a flaw known to these cars - the neck tends to crack or fissure over time. There was a recall years ago on the tanks, but the recall wasn't still in effect when I purchased the car. As long as I put half a tank or so of gas in it, (and it get 30+ miles per gallon), I didn't notice the gas smell. There are places where you can buy the exact tank specification for this car and it is metal, but the cost as I remember is about $300 for the tank + installation, so I never got around to doing it.


Item location:Citrus Heights, California, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:FWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear