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1 Family Owned w/ 89K Orig Miles, Clean Original & Stock! Cold A/C! Runs Great!

Gasoline FUEL

1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car Description:

One of the more active segments of the hobby right now are the big American luxury cars of the 1970s. Machines like this 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Car were the pinnacle of luxury and it's a sure bet that massive cars like this will never roam the highways again. If you've got a nostalgic streak in you and grew up with these cars, this Town Car is an affordable way to get a fantastic heavy cruiser for your collection.... If you're going to own a 1970s luxo-barge, you need one with period-perfect colors like the light blue on this Lincoln. It's code 34 Medium Blue to be exact, and somehow it makes this car seem even bigger than it already is. None of the upright styling is affected, of course, and the paint appears to be entirely original with just a few signs of use here and there, which is to be expected with the miles and age. There's a soft shine that's typical of mid-70s enamels and Lincoln's build quality was better than Brand X over at GM, so all four doors close with a reassuringly solid sound and feel. The chrome and stainless trim, and there is a lot of it, remains good as well, from the relatively modest chrome grille to the massive bumpers to the delicate trim around the opera windows. And the half-padded vinyl roof remains high-class as always, with no fading or cracking and certainly no signs of problems underneath, although it could stand a thorough detail to restore some former glory. There's a sea of blue inside, starting with those pillow-tufted green velour seats. If you're going back to the '70s, do it right! The upholstery is still in condition, showing only minimal wear and none of the usual threadbare-looking areas that come with neglected velour upholstery. The carpets are a slightly darker shade of blue and feel plus and there's no question that there's a TON of sound deadening materials built into this car, because once you're behind the wheel and the doors are closed, it's like a tomb. Just about everything was standard equipment, and the A/C blows cold, the power windows zip up and down, and even the original AM/FM radio works properly. There's massive legroom front and rear, so road trips are painless affairs where you can just guide this massive car with a fingertip on the wheel. The back seat shows even less signs of wear and even the trunk gets in on the act with gray carpets and what appears to be the original spare tire. Mechanically, this brute uses Ford's biggest V8, a 460 cubic inch unit with a 4-barrel carburetor. It's not all about screaming horsepower, but rather usable torque, and this big car feels surprisingly sprightly moving from rest and wafts along effortlessly at highway speeds. It's silent and smooth, and there may be times that you stop at a red light and think that it's stalled; that's how smooth it really is. It's not detailed for show, but many of the original factory markings are intact and all the original equipment is still fully operational. The C6 3-speed automatic transmission is robust enough that it'll outlive us all and the 9-inch rear end has 2.46 gears inside, so it's a magnificent highway cruiser, as you'd expect. The single exhaust system is muted and the undercarriage is in good order, indicative of a car that hasn't been out in the winter weather. Simple Lincoln hubcaps are the perfect touch and sit inside 235/75/15 whitewall radials with a lot of life left in them. Big, fun cars like this are a great way to get into the hobby and if you're going to go back to the '70s, you may as well do it in high fashion. Documented with its original owner's manual and warranty card, this 1-family owned Lincoln is ready for decades more in the spotlight. Call today!


Item location:Fort Worth, Texas, United States
SubModel:Town Car
Trim:Town Car
Interior color:Blue
Engine:460 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear