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1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III 460 10.5:1 compression 485 lb torque 365+ HP

Gasoline FUEL

1970 Lincoln Continental Description:

This 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III has all the options of the time. It appears to have been originally green in color and to have been painted at least one time. Otherwise, it appears to beall original. The elderly man that last owned this car had it parked under a carportand did not drive it for decades(according to our neighbors, for the entire 23 years that they lived here). It was last inspected in 1985... So, it has been sitting for years. However, I was able to get it to run and driveoff of a gas can (I do not know the condition inside of the gas tank and wasn't going towaste time onthe ancient fuel that was in there).

I have read that the engine in this car has been rated at 485 ft. lb. of torque and 365 HP. However, auto manufacturers underrated HP for insurance purposesin this era.

This is a complete car, with the exception of a battery. I have uploaded several more pictures of the car to this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vkx02e8f372u8h3/AACFJrRQjzDrx-9ATMpYCI_ga?dl=0. If you have any difficulty accessing these pictures on this linkor want to see any other pictures that aren't here, send me a message and I'll send them to you.

The interior looks really good. The seats are VERY nice with no tears. There are no tears or cracks on the dash or door pads. The headliner looks good, except one spot on the right rear (see picture). The cruise control knob is broken (see picture). The rearview mirror needs to be glued back on.

The exterior of the car does need work, but is in driver condition. The only rust concerns are the right, rear lower quarter andleft upper quarter, by tail light (see pictures). In my opinion, this is an easy restoration withminimal rust repair. There are no holes in the floor anywhere that I've found. The vinyl top is in good shape, except on the very rear(see pictures). There is some bubbling under the vinyl top. There is no slop at all on the door hinges. The doors close perfect and are very solid. The driver's door detent has no spring and the roller has seized up. The outer driver's mirror glass needs to be glued back on as well as two pieces of trim.

Engine oil and antifreeze are full. A look inside the valve cover with a flashlight, the top of the head is super clean. I have no doubt that this is an original 71k mile car.

When the engine is running, the headlight covers close.

The brakes work.

All 4 tires hold air, but are old.

It will need exhaust work. The mufflers are no good.

There is no belt on the alternator. However, the alternator does spin freely by hand.

I purchased this car along with many others owned by our elderly neighbor, as he has aged beyond theability to drive. He wasn't able to find keys to some of them, this was one. So, there are no keys (they are about $30 on eBay to replace). The trunk and ignition tumblers have been removed for access to the trunk and to be able to shift and drive the car.

Unfortunately, our neighbor also wasn't able to find his title to this vehicle. So, if you want to register in North Carolina, you'll need to bond it. (He brought this car with him from Florida and I don't think he ever registered it here in North Carolina. It still has the Florida plate on it and sticker from 1980. He had a used car dealer license, so that would explain why he wouldn't have registered it here. However, he let that license expire years ago after his wife passed, as she was the one that took care of the paperwork.)


Item location:Nebo, North Carolina, United States
VIN:F 0Y89A855760 F
SubModel:Mark III
Interior color:Mahogany
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed