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1972 LINCOLN Continental Sedan 1972 Used Automatic


1972 Lincoln Continental Description:

Size was still king in the early '70s and it's probably impossible to get more sheetmetal for your dollar than this 1972 Lincoln Continental sedan. A nice combination of originality and upgrades, it's a luxury car first and foremost, but there's a surprising edge to it that you'll probably enjoy if you want something a little more than your grandfather's Lincoln. The white paint appears to be almost entirely original, and knowing that, you know that the car is straight, clean, and has lived an easy life. That's the great thing about original paint; there's just no place for bad bodywork to hide. We'll argue that this '72 Lincoln has a trim look to it that out-paces Cadillac's bottom-heavy designs, although it's by no means a small car. Quality was still tangible at the Lincoln store, with doors that slam shut with ease and good body gaps throughout. There are a few blemishes and touch-ups, which are to be expected on 45-year-old paint, but for the most part, this car has a great all-of-a-piece look that we find quite appealing. The gothic styling and hidden headlights work as well here as on any other Lincoln of the era and the black padded vinyl top adds an air of formality that's certainly appropriate. Big chrome bumpers, that delicate strip of chrome atop the fenders that recalls the "suicide door" Lincolns of the '60s, and those big taillights are mean this Continental is impossible to mistake for anything else. Inside, you will be delighted by acres of black leather and enough stretch-out room for the starting lineup of the LA Lakers. Again, it's almost entirely original and given the condition of the leather, you know someone loved this car. The leather, the door panels, and even the carpet and headliner are extremely well preserved and it's hard to not feel like a million bucks when you're behind the wheel. There's a dizzying array of buttons, knobs, and levers at your fingertips because this Continental is loaded, including power windows, locks, and seat, A/C, cruise control, a tilt steering column, and an AM/FM/8-track stereo. You also get a fairly comprehensive set of gauges, joined by an aftermarket tach up top, just a reminder that this Lincoln has a little something extra under the hood. Everything works, including the A/C, and if this isn't the ultimate road trip car, I don't know what is. Just look at the size of that trunk! The biggest Lincoln used Ford's biggest V8, a 460 cubic inch mill that's been augmented with the usual speed parts, including an Edelbrock carburetor and intake manifold, MSD ignition system, and an open-element air cleaner. Bright red ignition wires look great against the Ford Blue paint and you'd better believe this sucker is a runner! It starts with a bark from the twin exhaust pipes and idles with a bit of aggression, but that's only noticeable because it's a Lincoln. There's torque everywhere and it feels totally effortless thanks to the quick-shifting C6 3-speed automatic transmission. The brakes are all new, including the wheel cylinders, and it was just fitted with fresh tie rods and an alignment, so it tracks like a cruise missile on the highway. It's extremely tidy underneath, showing that it has never lived anywhere but in a warm climate, and the peerless Lincoln luxury ride is still the most amazing thing about the car. Big 225/75/15 Goodyear radials ride great and give the luxury cruiser a bit of an edge with their white letters, and the stock hubcaps will always look right. Complete with manuals, this is a fantastic heavy cruiser that's totally sorted and ready to hit the road. This truly is first-class travel. Call today!


Item location:United States
Doors:4 Doors
Interior color:Black
Engine:460 V8
Vehicle Title:Clear