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1987 Lincoln Continental Givency

132,472 MILEAGE

1987 Lincoln Continental Description:

FOR SALE: 1987 Lincoln Continental Givency. My wife's parents bought the car new and we acquired it in 2011. We had the transmission rebuilt and the radiator replaced in June of 2011. The car had 99,000 miles on it then. The car has a Colorado "rebuilt from salvage" title. The reasonis,when my wife's parents ownedthe car,it obtainedpaint damage when a tent type carport came down during a high wind storm and because of the age of the car then, the insurance company totaled it and they bought it back. The last five pictures show the damage.

We have driven the car 33,000 miles since 2011, but the one system thathas notworked since before we acquired the car is the temperature control system. When we got the car, turning on the system, the air conditioner worked, but the temperature control would not make it go up or down. I replaced the electronic control box with a used one and the system worked for about a year (both the heater and a/c depending upon the numerical temperature selected) then, when turning the system on, the heater came on and would not go up or down (either on or off).

Other facts about the car include the wife's dad had the rear changed to conventional suspension due to problems with the automated system, the left rear door window won't go up, once down any amount (broken gear). The spring steel front door stays are broken. The fuelgauge works and is accurate, but the "distance to empty" on the message center will read zero when there's plenty of gas in the tank. The "check antilock brakes" light has been on ever since we got the car but the brakes work fine and, at last look, there is plenty of brake pad left.

It's a comfortable car, the interior is in good shape, the seats work fine, the windshield is less than a year old, cruise control works as it should.

Please ask any questions and thanks for looking.

We live in S/W Colorado near Cortez.


Item location:Dolores, Colorado, United States
Color:two tone brown
Interior color:Brown
Engine:5.0L V-8
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Salvage