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110,000 MILEAGE
Gasoline FUEL


1963 Lincoln Continental Chrome

About a year and a half ago, I set out to acquire the baddest, sickest, most elite collection of the finest automobile every designed or created. I think I’ve done it! But I went slightly overboard.

As you could see from the photo, I’ve got myself a problem. I have more continentals than my garage and driveway can handle. Not the worst problem to have! The fiancé is moving in with me and apparently a driveway parking spot is a contingency. Clearly, any continental connoisseur recognizes the caliber of my soon to be wife to give up one of my thoroughbreds for her piece of mind and happiness.

The car is an excellent DRIVER! You will get thumbs up from black rappers and athletes as well as a nod of respect from true classic automobile collectors. Not to mention...all the chicken heads will be squawking at you. If your looking to beef up your pimp game and are not very attractive or out of shape, save the money you were going to waste on gym memberships, Personnal trainers and plastic surgeons and put a bid on my girl! If attention and real street credibility are not important to you, consider getting yourself a lesser classic automobile.

Please remember, while Al Capone himself would pay homage to this vehicle, she is 55 years old. That being said, there will be headaches!But than again what sexy, gorgeous woman doesn’t come with some aggravation’s?

The car has been thoroughly inspected prior to shipping her from California, where she spent a great portion of her life, by Troy at Bourne Customs in Tempe Arizona. A true Lincoln guru mechanic. Additional, care and upkeep have been provided by Danny Legend, master mechanic and owner of Legends Auto, Tempe Arizona. If the car remains here in the desert, which would be great, hence I can buy it back when I get a bigger garage, anything that he has fixed, repaired or replaced will be covered for a year since that particular service.

The engine has 111,000 miles on her. I’m positive based on Tracking her previous titles and VIN. It has as much heart as any of my other three luscious ponies. Step on gas pedal in any of the three speeds and you will acknowledge she has that true grit and power. Brakes, lines and relays all work. Windows as well, with the occasional falter of the left back seat window, but if you curse at her, please don’t hit or kick her or slam the door than talk nice to her and apologize the window will function. I went ahead and fully tinted all windows to capture some mystique as to what prolific individual will step out of the driver’s seat, or better yet when the chauffeur gets out to open the back seat door, what kind of swagger will immerse.

The interior dash, panels and carpet are new, modeled to the original specs of this masterful piece of artistry. A NEW AFTER MARKET AIR CONDITIONER is installed to keep you cool in the summer months.

In a nut shell, this car has been kept to the standard and caliber in which all my babies are maintained. She just needs a home. If you plan on chopping her up and making her into “a vatos locos” mobile and black frosting her 111 pieces of chrome, please don’t bid on her, not enough money in the world would sway me towards signing over the title. If your going to flip her....don’t bid. If you acknowledge her true inner gangster and understand the time, love and care, as well as the patience that is needed to deal with a woman of her age and needs....have at it.

Feel free to reach out and email me any questions you may still have.


Item location:Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Interior color:Black
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear