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1987 Land Rover Defender 110 military SAS DPV replica

Diesel FUEL

1987 Land Rover Defender Tactical Description:

This is a very well done replica of the famous SAS DPV 110's used in Gulf War 1 by the SAS A and B squadrons hunting Sadam's scud missiles. Per EBAY POLICY REPLICA WEAPONSARE NOT INCLUDED
The chassis, rear cross member, floor's, and bulkhead are all in excellent condition as seen in the photos. The 2.5NA diesel engine runs great with no issues. The LT77 and LT230 are both in very good order shift fine. All electrics are working including clansman intercom. Body is good and painted in the sand and black colors of the SAS in GW1. Driver's, Commanders, and Gunners seats are all in good condition. Tires are serviceable 9x16's
This DPV is fitted with dual GPMG/M240 mounts. One for commander and one for the rear gunner. They are correct mounts with ammo can holders for both positions. The commanders seat is also raised to allow use of the forward GPMG.
A dual SA80 rifle rack holder and ammo can holder is fitted between the front seat
Replica smoke discharges are fitted to the front bumper
Jerry can holders are fitted on either side of the body and in the rear bed area with 7 diesel and 4 water cans fitted.
A clansman intercom system is fitted to the radio rack below the roll bar and is in working order. Clansman side stalk antennas are also fitted.
Head light/tail light/ and military plate covers are also fitted to complete the look.
Compass post mount is fitted to the bulkhead right of the driver.
Pioneer kit of tow shovels and pick ax is fitted to the front wing
Sand track's and mounts are fitted to the left side of the body
The higher style SAS roll bar has been fitted
All camouflage netting, webbing, and helmets are included in the sale.
This really is an amazing Rover. She would be ideal for a collection, shows, parades, fun in the woods, the school run, airsoft, night tactical overlanding into a hostile country well conducting direct actions missions on strategic level targets of a dictatorship ....and so on. The list is endless.
Price is $18,000 including RORO shipping from UK, customs, and VT title. The DPV is ready for service and can be stateside in 3 weeks. Im always happy to talk Rover's anytime 802-324-3370
DPV type History
In the mid-eighties the Land Rover 110 HCPU became the SAS's new Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV) to replace the Series 2a Pink Panthers. The DPV had coiled-spring suspension, providing for a much more comfortable ride than then the Pinkies. DPVs had a wheelbase of 110 inches and were powered by A 3.5 ltr V8 diesel.
SAS DPVs had mounts for an array of weapons and were configured in a number of ways:
1 x Commander's GPMG
1 x Rear GPMG
1 x Commander's GPMG
2 x Rear GPMG
1 x Commander's GPMG
1 x .50 cal HMG
1 x Commander's GPMG
1 x Mk19 40mm grenade launcher
1 x Commander's GPMG
Milan wire-guided missile launcher mounted on the DPV roll bars
The above is by no means an extensive list. The weapons mounted to SAS DPVs depended on the mission requirements and was limited by availability and the imagination of the wagon's crew. For instance, a DPV's driver might decide to mount a Minimi machine gun on his dashboard or the Milan wagon might have a GPMG fitted to cover the rear. Guns were attached to Vinghog softmounts.
It's been reported that the SAS experimented with other weapons systems for the DPV. These include a GIAT 20mm cannon, which proved unreliable, and a 7.62mm gatling gun which was highly effective but got through ammunition too quickly.
Aside from the various mounted weapons and the trooper's personal weapons, DPVs also carried :
84mm LAW anti-tank rockets
M72 66mm rockets
FIM-92 Stinger SAMs
81mm mortars
bar mines - large slabs of exposives capable of flipping a tank - used to secure routes in to laying up areas
DPVs usually had their headlights and brake lights removed or disconnected to avoid accidental illumination at night. Smoke canister launchers were fitted to the front and rear of the wagons which could be fired to obscure the vehicle in event of a contact. Later modifications to the DPV platform included a full-length roll cage with a ring mount, similar to that found on WMIK Land Rovers.
A single DPV fits inside a Chinook helicopter and up to 4 can be transported inside a C-130 Hercules transport plane.
During their 20 years of service in 22 SAS, the DPV saw action in several conflicts:
SAS DPVs were deployed to Saudi Arabia and driven north into the Iraqi Desert during Desert Storm by A and D Squadron. Whilst still affectionately called 'Pinkies' by the SAS, DPVs sported a more traditional beige camouflage scheme. During Desert Storm, some of the shorter wheelbased (92.9 inch) Land Rover 90s ('dinkies') in the SAS inventory were converted to 'gunships', with the addition of machine guns. These were put together for proposed B Squadron operations and were also used to protect a resupply convoy that the SAS drove into Iraq towards the end of operations.


Item location:Charlotte, Vermont, United States
Make:Land Rover
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear