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Trail Ready Land Rover Defender 110, 200TDI, Many Upgrades

226000 MILEAGE
200 Tdi ENGINE
Diesel FUEL

1987 Land Rover Defender 110 County Description:

A very solid example of a fantastic, iconic vehicle. Will come with loads of receipts dating back to the owners in the UK, including ALL import materials in a bound file prepared by the most reputable importer in the business.
  • As eBay does not recognize this VIN I had to list the model year as pre-1981. The VIN isSALLDHAV7BA293261
  • However, the LR is legally titled and registered in Wisconsin as a 1987 Land Rover Defender. It can easily be registered in any other state (except CA of course).
  • It was originally a cream colored vehicle with the 3.5L gasoline V8 engine when manufactured in early 1987.
  • The car was repainted the present red in 1996.
  • The mileage on the odometer represents the total miles on the vehicle since 1987 – it is not reflective of the new drivetrain (see below).
  • In 2006 the LR was restored by “Nene Overland” in Peterborough, England (www.neneoverland.co.uk)
  • The LR has been substantially upgraded from its original form. Specific major modifications are as below:

  • A 200tdi 2.5L four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine from another Defender was fitted. As expected it has the higher mounted turbo as opposed to the lower unit found in Discoveries with the same engine. This engine has been upgraded with full silicon hoses. This engine has a new timing belt, NEW INJECTION PUMP ($1500), NEW TURBO ($850). Other engine bay upgrades include Allisport Large Intercooler, Allisport Breather and Allisport radiator overflow, K&N air Filter. The motor was just fully tuned in November 2018 and will hold 75mph no problem now.
  • The transmission was replaced in 2016 with a new ashcroft built R380 Stumpy, installed by a defender expert.
  • A Kenlowe after-market fan was fitted to aid with cooling. The fan is triggered via the thermostat and may also be manually activated using a switch in the cabin.
  • A new frame was installed in 2006. It is not galvanized but was rust-free and properly Wax-oyled. The Front Outriggers and Mid-Crossmember do show some rust now. The rear crossmember was completely replaced in 2015 with Galvanized unit as was the fuel tank and holding straps
  • The coil springs were replaced with a full Old Man Emu 2" Lift Kit.
  • All four passenger side doors were replaced with the newer, push-button style units. The rear doors and back door skins have since been replaced with new Galvanized units in 2015.
  • The rear door is still the older style lift-latch door.
  • The front wings were replaced with newer (mid-90s era) vented wings.
  • The diamond plating shown was installed.
  • The tubular side steps/rock sliders were installed. These were custom built using 2” stainless steel pipe and then painted so theywill not rust even if gouged. .
  • The manually operated (of course) sunroof was installed. This may be tilted or popped out entirely – it is not a sliding sunroof.It does not leak rainwater.
  • The front bumper assembly was replaced with one with an integrated bull bar and jacking points
  • The winch works and is an 8000lb Warn Winch
  • New brakes with discs all around (originally had drums at rear) were installed along with new brake lines etc. The entire brakesystem was essentially replaced with a more modern set-up. All Discs, pads, lines, fluid were replaced in late 2016
  • All seats were renewed/recovered in 2006 with Exmoor Trim. The seats are the more modern “high-back” style units.
  • All seats covered with Exmoor Covers (they are fantastic)
  • Cubby box in center, large interior storage space.
  • There are no bench seats in the rear but they can be included (including being fitted).
  • Land Rover brand rubber mats are installed throughout the cabin including the rear area.
Significant maintenance performed since early 2012 include (approx 10k miles):
  • New Injection Pump, New Turbo, New Timing belt
  • New Thermostat, Waterpump
  • Blade Fuse conversion with lights to indicate blown fuse
  • New starter.
  • New battery Dec 2018 and battery cut-off toggle switch to disconnect battery power when vehicle is not being driven for a number ofdays.
  • New power steering pump and related hoses.
  • New Brakes (Discs, pads, lines, fluid)
  • All fuel injector lines replaced.
  • New clutch master and slave cylinders.
  • All fluids replaced: engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, transfer case oil, power steering fluid (obviously as pump was
  • replaced),clutch fluid (also obviously), brake fluid.
  • All wheel hub seals were checked and lubricated with molybdenum grease.
  • The headlights and headlight housings were replaced with Hella Vision Plus lights to provide better illumination.
  • The vehicle does not have AC, as expected. The heat works both in terms of temperature control and directions (upper and lowervents).
  • As mentioned, the LR has power steering. There is also a steering damper installed which improves feel and guards against potentialwheel lashing.
Accessories fitted/available with car:
  • Hella 100W front spot-lamps on Top Light Bar (Terrafirma), 2 Flood, 2 Spot
  • FULL LED LIGHTING for OEM Lights including headlights and markers
  • Rigid Industries Rear work lamps activated via switch in the cabin.
  • MUD UK Center Console as shown
  • Mantec Rear Tire Carrier with Hi Lift Mount (Hi Lift Included)
  • Mantec Snorkel with K&N Tube Filter
  • NAS (North american Spec) Step Bumper
  • A Bunch of Allisport accessories (see engine section)
  • Raptor all Metal Dash/Binnacle(gets rid of annoying squeaks and rattles)
  • All gauges except Speedo are VDO, including fuel, water, boost, Volt, EGR
  • Full Carling Switches in Dash with Underdash lighting and map light
  • Six-speaker stereo with JVC KD-R650 head unit with iPod/iPhone control and AUX port.
  • Front skidplate installed to protect the front underbody components from off-road hazards.
  • Roof Bars as Shown
Other points to note:
  • The rearmost sliding windows do not presently open. They are sealed shut but if needed the sliding function could be re-enabled by removing the sealant – I received the vehicle in this condition. I have not missed this feature and have not attempted to explore further. The windows do not leak. The other four windows go up and down as normal.
  • The engine does drip oil slightly as is the case with many of the 200 tdi and other LR engines of this period. I manage this by keeping the car parked over a pan in my garage – the specialists at Cityside advised that managing the oil level is a completely acceptable tactic. The oil “consumption” is well under a quart every 1500 miles. As you can see from the photos where the paint could be in better condition and there is some non-structural corrosion around some fasteners. I have addressed these with liquid rust inhibitor, which I renew periodically.
  • This is a very solid 110 that I am selling because I decided to build a new Defender from scratch now that I've had the experience and caught the bug.
  • The vehicle drives very well – exactly as one would expect a Defender 110 with this drivetrain. It is not a speed demon, of course, but can readily maintain 75 mph on the highway.
  • The regular hi-range permanent 4WD works well as does the lo-range 4WD. The differential lock (center diff) works in both ranges also.
  • The right-hand-drive is surprisingly easy to get used to, as long as one has company at drive-through windows and uses a toll pass for tolls.

The Defender is available for viewing or a test drive in Concord, Virginia. Please feel free to ask any questions.Note - this vehicle is NOT a trailer queen - it has some scratches, and dents typical of a 4x4 that is used and not "shown"
*Does not include Ironman fridge or the wireless phone charger*


Item location:Concord, Virginia, United States
Make:Land Rover
Trim:110 County
Interior color:Gray
Engine:200 Tdi
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear