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1954 Willys M38A1 Military Jeep



1954 Jeep Willys

1954 Willys M38A1, original 24v, 4 cylinder. Military tires, roof believed to be original and in good condition (no rips/tears). Fording kit, heater, military 24v charging port installed. OEM Brass Fire Ext. Spare doesn't appear to have been on the ground. All canvas including front radiator cover for winter. Some of the door/ side curtain fastener stays have started to pull through.
Inherited this from my father who owned it 10-12 years. Last time the Jeep was started/driven was 2009-2010 timeframe. Started working on getting it running again, cleaned fuel system, replaced carb, replaced starter, new batteries, 24v Battery Tender charger.
Once cranking began, had some stuck valves (and two bent pushrods from the valves being stuck), got those freed up and it was running great. Drove it around the neighborhood a few days, ran and drove great. Coming home one day, lost second 2nd-3rd due to pin coming out of the 2-3 shift fork. Somehow shifter rail also became wedged/stuck in shifter top plate. Replaced the shifter assembly, runs through the gears and moves fine now. Used a magnet to fish the broken pin, nut out of the transmission case.
Somehow it's back to running rough again, though different than previously. Hard to start, acts like it's too much fuel, and once started, will backfire out of the exhaust when you try to raise RPM to 1000 or more. Have played with mixture, checked float, etc. Does not appear to be burning any oil now, nor when it was being used regularly.
I don't have the time or interest to continue.
Here are a couple of walk around videos I did.
One of the videos shows the engine running before I found #3 intake to be stuck. Ran compression check and had 1, 2 & 4 at 80+ and #3 was lower I did not run another compression check after I was able to free the valve. This is when everything smoothed out and engine was running as expected. I have confirmed all valve movement with the vehicle running and the side access cover/valve cover removed. Have not confirmed how well they are seating. Ran another compression check last week, 1 & 2 were good, 3 & 4 were both low. Valve(s) not seated? Head gasket leak?
Only rust perforation is in passenger footwell where the body brace ends underneath and meets the footwell side. You can see it in the video. About the size of a nickel. Will need radiator tank repair also. Probably needs a wheel cylinder or two. Have at least a new pair.
If you're looking for a "survivor" class M38A1 vs fully restored, this is a very complete vehicle.
I can be reached at two-one-four-five-two-nine-five-five-seven-six for questions.
Depending on distance, I will consider delivering for additional charge and fully paid auction. Otherwise, transportation at buyer expense.


Item location:Flower Mound, Texas, United States
Vehicle Title:Clear