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Last Year Jeep Grand Wagoneer, 1st Luxury 4x4 Station Wagon SUV Driver USA Title

160,600 MILEAGE
360 ci. V8 ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1991 Jeep Wagoneer Grand Wagoneer Description:

OVERVIEW:This 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was originally sold in the USA and was titled in Washington State before being imported into Canada by the present owner in 2011. The Jeep passed and was issued an Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate that same year, and it is currently registered and licensed in Alberta.

1991 represents the final year for this SJ model, which after a 29 year run makes it the third longest-produced single generation vehicle in U.S. history.Only about 4,200 of these were built in 1991. Upgrades and improvements during the Chrysler years of 1987-1991 have led to those units being considered by many to be ‘best of the breed’.

Touted as the first luxury SUV, they remained popular and had steady demand throughout their years, partly due to the powerful V8 engine and high towing capacity.The ’91 Grand Wagoneer has earned historic placement in both the Chrysler museum and the National Automobile Museum. Today they are highly collectible and sought after, with later models in excellent condition bringing high sale prices.

The owner has logged 18,000 miles on it since 2011, and the odometer reading at this time is 160,600 miles.During that time he has retained all receipts for work done to ensure its roadworthiness, and it remains in good running order with good brakes and tires.

It appears to have had only one repaint in its original color some years ago. Although it does display patches of surface rust, there does not appear to be any severe rot or rust out.The low reserve leaves allowance for its next owner to address the body and paint, and the few minor nuances that require attention.

This listing provides many more details as you scroll thru. Near the end of this listing under Payment Terms you will find a link to a photo album of over 150 pictures.

DRIVETRAIN:The original AMC 360 ci. V8 engine starts easily, sounds good and runs smooth. Oil pressure at idle is over 50 lbs. If it’s sat a while it will blow a bit of blue upon cold start up but clears up quickly.In 2012 a new radiator was installed along with new coil, and shortly after the 2-bbl. carburetor was rebuilt at 150K miles.Tin support pan directly ahead of rad has been rolled back.

A full tune-up was performed more recently at 156K miles. Along with new plugs, ignition rotor, full scope test and adjustment, it also included full oil and lube with all filters replaced.

The 3-speed automatic transmission and transfer case shift as they should, along with the 4x4 shift on the fly.The undersides show the usual minor oil weeping of a driven vehicle, no serious leaks or puddles left on the floor.

CHASSIS:The undercarriage displays the road dust, dirt, and surface rust of its miles and all appears as original equipment.The frame appears solid and straight, with no rot or signs of collision damage.All body mounts are solid with no rust out issues.

Equipped with power steering and brakes.Receipts indicate new parts installed at 156K miles as follows:- muffler and tail pipe, with a clean out of the catalytic converter .- front pads and rotors, with calipers serviced and new front wheel sems hardware.- front hubs completely disassembled and serviced.

New tires installed in 2011 have 18K miles on them and still have excellent tread remaining. They are a matched set of P235/75R15 Dunlop RV XT Radial Rovers, mounted on original alloy wheels with Jeep center caps.There is a non-matching spare in the back. It has not been re-installed in the carrier underneath as there is a loose stud for the carrier bracket which should be welded.Original jack is included.Has a tow hitch receiver and electrical connector.

BODY & PAINT:Overall the body and sheet metal are quite straight. Only a few minor small dents are evident, such as dead center at the leading edge of the hood, and low on the left fender just ahead of the door.There are no signs of it having suffered any collision damage.

It has had a repaint in its original color many years ago and has long since lost its luster, but shows no signs of previous rust repairs.There are now numerous spots showing heavy surface rust and paint loss, but no signs of holes. Sandblasting of those areas and body and paintwork would return this unit to its former glory and significantly improve its curb appeal.

Inspection of the underbody indicates all floors pans, body braces and mounts, inner and outer rockers, and rear quarter inner panels are all very solid with no rot issues.Bottoms of all four doors have some minor surface rust, but are otherwise very solid with no rust out.Rear quarter dog legs are also solid.

INTERIOR:It has all original interior. The combination leather/cloth seats have no rips or tears but do show the crease lines of use.All door panels are in nice condition.

The dash pad is overall very good except for one small crack at center.The wrapped steering wheel is slightly off center to the left and should be reset.The headliner is clean and not torn, but the rear section slips out of the edge retainers in a couple of spots.Left sun visor has a floppy outer end.The original carpeting throughout is in very good condition, and a set of floor mats included.

The shaded windshield has two small star chips, otherwise it’s in good condition.All other glass is in good condition, and rear window has a defrosting grid.

ELECTRICAL:These Grand Wagoneers came fully equipped with many power options as standard.A new MotorMaster battery was installed in 2016, and has a cut-off switch, which is handy since one of the power seat switches stick sometimes and has been known to drain the battery on occasion.

All four door power windows and both power seats are in working orderThe electric motor for the rear tailgate window was very slow, so the owner removed the assembly and ordered an aftermarket manual crank system to replace it with. Disappointed with the quality of those parts, he decided not to use them, then intending to have the electric motor rebuilt and re-install it but did not get to it. All the parts are there to finish the job, as shown in the pics.The rear glass is held up by rope at this time.

All lights including signals are in working order except fog lights, one is removed due to broken lens.4-way hazards require a new relay.Windshield wipers and washer working.

The horn, cruise control, dash clock, heater fan, and air conditioning are working.Equipped with an aftermarket in-dash AM/FM CD player.Power door locks are inconsistent in operation.Compass and thermometer in overhead console.

BRIGHTWORK:All original bumpers and bright work, and both bumpers are straight.All emblems and trim are present and in place.Typical blisters on chrome grille surround.Original roof rack all there and straight.Second from left floor cargo rail is not in place but is included.

SUMMARY:If you’re a fan of these Jeeps that introduced luxury 4x4’s to the world, but not looking to spend twenty or thirty some thousands to acquire one, then this one warrants consideration.Although not perfect, it is complete, original, and in running order. The low reserve leaves opportunity to do the required body and paint work, along with the few minor repair issues that can be addressed over time.

As a last year model representing ‘best of the breed’, there will always be a faithful following out there to secure your investment while you enjoy improving and rejuvenating this grandfather of the SUV.


This Grand Wagoneer is being listed on behalf of the owner. Please email ‘’ or phone Rick at (403)534-2222 for additional honest and accurate information from a professional auto restorer. All information listed has been gathered from discussions with the owner, a visual inspection and short drive. A total of 153 pics are available for viewing at . Additional specific pictures are available upon request. No warranties expressed or implied. Successful bidder to make a minimum payment of 50% of closing bid amount (US funds) within 5 days of auction closing, with the balance payable upon vehicle pick up within 21 days (international) or 14 days (US/Canada).Payment must be in certifiable form such as cash or wire transfer. PayPal for deposit only. Other forms of payment only acceptable with time allowance for instrument to clear bank prior to vehicle being released. Any deviation from, or changes to the preceding terms must be reasonable, and should be requested, discussed, and agreed to prior to bidding and auction closing.


Please submit all inquiries prior to bidding, and please only bid if you are able and willing to conclude the transaction should you be the winning bidder.This vehicle is being sold with a Bill of Sale, the Washington State title certificate, and current Alberta registration document.It is located in Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada, about 3 hours north of the Montana border. Please be aware of your shipping costs before bidding, quotes can be provided upon request if necessary. We can help make this a smooth, hassle free experience by arranging all-inclusive international transportation and brokerage for you. References relating to similar transactions are available. Cars Gone By has sold and shipped numerous collector vehicles to the USA and worldwide, the majority through Ebay transactions.Please do not ask us to disclose the reserve price. In fairness to all bidders we will not do so and request that you simply place a bid that is comfortable for you.Thanks for looking!


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Item location:Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada
Type:SUV Wagon
Trim:Grand Wagoneer
Interior color:Brown
Engine:360 ci. V8
Drive type:4WD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear