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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

278,000 MILEAGE

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Description:

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. White. 278,000 miles, 5.2L v8. You betcher buns, original engine and transmission. That's Ma Mopar for you they just don't die. My brothers and I are taking care of selling/getting rid of my fathers stuff as he now has dementia. This thing is rough but I think it might even run, he just stopped driving a few years ago as he couldn't see well anymore. That said expect to have to tow it home. Once you get it home do a little work and then mud bog the hell out of it. Build a big ol car jump in a car field pull a Dukes of Hazardand launch this sumb*tch to the moon. Why?Because MURICA. Put some big ol tires, get in a dirt field with some buddies and play crash up derby, winner gets a case of Schlitz Malt Liquor. Don't laugh i think Schlitz is delicious. If you win the bid, hell do whatever sounds like a good time. Anyways, bidding starts at a $6.99 minimumhighest bid wins. Why start at $6.99? That'll buy me cold 6 pack of Pabst that's why. I'll put you in touch with my brother Scott who lives close and can transfer the keys and title once bidding is done. Gitty up~


Item location:Crestline, California, United States
Model:Grand Cherokee
Drive type:AWD
Vehicle Title:Clear