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Jaguar XK-E Roadster Series II

Convertible BODY TYPE
6 Cylinder ENGINE
Gasoline FUEL

1969 Jaguar E-Type XK-E Series II Roadster Description:

He was touring in one of the worst conflicts of our times -Viet Nam from October 5th 1967 to October 6th 1968 when he ordered this car. We have documents, receipts, brochures, ALL Original. Only once will a car be original. Runs beautifully see link. Pale Primrose with a black leather interior and black convertible top( black cover)1969 Jaguar E Type Series II LHD 2 seater. This E-Type Jaguar OTS is a time capsule/survivor. The body is straight and no evidence of rust having been inside a garage all its life. The chrome is overall in good condition. Panel fit is very good and chrome wire wheels with period correct narrow whitewall radials. The black interior is in very good condition. Minimal work in upkeep and repair on this car during 28 years of ownership by the current owner. Based on information that the original/previous owner provided- it is not evident that this car has had any major work done on it anywhere of any kind! The only body work is on the left rocker panel. It was re-sprayed in the battery area due to battery acid dripping down the rocker. Lead filled seam between rocker and rear wing/quarter panel are all part of standard 1960's production of these cars by Jaguar Motorcars. You would never see this in a fully restored or concourse car -sometimes over improved . In this cas, the factory did it all, because this car is the benchmark from which a car should be evaluated. All of the coolant hoses were replaced under the bonnet, and during this process had all of the factory original hose clamps (Chaney) cleaned and re-plated (clear cadmium). Wright, wrong or indifferent, never considered this restoration, just preservation. Also, the entire rear suspension was removed from the car and completely gone over it including painting (powder coated) the cage that supports all of the suspension. The rear chrome resonators were found to have some pin holes in them when the car was initially acquired by Mr. Wright which provided an opportunity to install an free flow exhaust system typical of the day, ie ANSA, Abarth and Stebro due to their wonderful sound, appearance and added performance of a free flow exhaust system. In this case a complete ANSA exhaust system was installed. However, the original exhaust system, excluding the rear resonators, is still in-tact and available to the new owner. The original oil gauge was changed out with a more accurate direct reading gauge that looks identical in the dash as the original (original oil gauge available with sending unit to the new owner) along with the European front and rear lenses to personalize the car and also since it sports a European front license plate. This car was originally registered in Europe so that it could be driven for some period of time without being subjected to VAT (yellow border around UK license plate as seen in photo(s)) there's a good chance that this car originally had European lenses when it first came to the US that were changed by the local Jaguar dealer in order to legally inspect the car. All of the lenses and headlights are factory Lucas lenses. US specification front and rear Lucas lenses available to the new owner. This car is impossible to replace!! This E-Type aka XKE is well documented with history from day 1, including books, tools and records and VAT tags. It has the complete original document file with all booklets including its very rare service stamp book. Matching Number Car Number 1R7820 Engine Numbers 7R2818 -9 on manifold ER 351 stamped between overhead cam and head Original Jaguar Specification Length 4.45m (14'7") Width 1.66m (5'6") Weight 1270kg No. Built 775 Right Hand Drive, 7852 Left Hand Drive Starting instructions. 1. Depress gas pedal 2.Pull choke on left side of glove box 3.Turn key to on/run position and wait 10 -15 seconds for fuel to fill carburetors 4. Turn key to start position 5.Push in choke as engine starts and after 5- 8 minutes usually, push in choke complete. History The 1961 Geneva Auto Salon marked the first appearance of Jaguar's revolutionary E-Type before stunned audiences. The replacement for the ageing XK150, this advanced new car was designed by a small team led by Jaguar boss Sir William Lyons and his chief aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer. With lessons learned from the D-Type sports racing car, the new E-Type employed a semi-monocoque tub with ingenious bolt-on front subframes to support the engine and independent front suspension. The rear was handled by Jaguar's clever modular independent rear suspension, pioneered on the Mk10. The E-type boasted four wheel disc brakes, torsion bar front end, and a 3.8 liter twin-cam inline six. This high tech chassis was wrapped in a gorgeous body that was quite unlike anything that had been seen before, equally beautiful as a coupe or two-seat roadster. Interestingly, co-designer Malcolm Sayer had no interest in making the car beautiful, his concern was that form would follow aerodynamic function. Ironically, the E-Type was not very aerodynamically efficient, but it was achingly beautiful. In 1965, Jaguar updated the E-Type for even better performance. The engine was bumped to 4.2 liters and 265 horsepower and the Moss gearbox was replaced with a smooth-shifting, synchronized 4-speed. The addition of a servo added some shove to the 4-wheel disc brakes. These improvements meant the E-Type could hang with a contemporary Ferrari or Aston Martin, but it still cost a fraction of the price. Long considered one of the most beautiful production cars of all time and with the performance to back it up, the E-Type is a perennial favorite among collectors and drivers alike. The subtly restyled Series II E-Type appeared in 1968 with exposed headlights, larger tail lights and a tweaked cockpit design. There were also some minor mechanical upgrades, including a switch to dual Stromberg carburetors. The Series II once lived in the shadow of the earlier cars, but the styling has aged well and values have risen across the board, with serious collectors taking notice. This Jaguar is priced at $119,900 based on its provenance and condition. I guess what I really want to do is find that right owner for this car, this magnificent piece of machinery.. art-drivable art ...I hereby relinquish my car to the soul that is deserving. But this car ..this vehicle.. this mode of transportation.. this representation of freedom on the road with the top down with the wind in your hair...simply awesome. Van Gogh or Stradivari. There could very well be nothing like this again, as there are very few remaining examples from this era written with an unbroken chain of care. P.S. The author has taken liberties but intends to convey the trueness of this car no matter how longwinded. Please Contact Suzanne.Buyer responsible for trucking or shipping. Our cars are sold worldwide


Item location:Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, United States
SubModel:E-Type OTS
Trim:XK-E Series II Roadster
Color:Pale Primrose
Interior color:Black Leather
Engine:6 Cylinder
Drive type:RWD
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear