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1963 Jaguar E-Type, 3.8-liter Fixed-Head Coupe - FHC, XKE

76,730 MILEAGE
3.8-liter - original to car ENGINE

1963 Jaguar E-Type Description:

1963 E-Type 3.8-liter Coupe Project – AVAILABLE!

A customer has asked me to help them with the sale of their E-Type, and this is a great E-Type restoration project! This is the ORIGINAL version of the E-Type - a car virtually identical to the layout of the famous 9600HP show car and demonstrator. It has the higher-revving 3.8-liter engine, bucket seats, and all of the other desirable Series 1 features - covered headlamps, toggle switches - this is the REAL DEAL!

This is a Series 1, 3.8-liter E-Type Fixed-Head Coupe restoration project – built on or within one day of October 31st, 1963. This car is in a very original condition, complete, still has its original matching-numbers engine, has a body shell and bonnet that is much more solid than most, and currently RUNS & DRIVES! This is a GREAT restoration project that won’t leave you combing the globe for all of the missing parts and pieces – everything is intact and in good restorable condition!

Provenance – This E-Type is complete and in a very original state. While a few things have been tinkered with here and there, it has never been disassembled and/or “restored” in the past.

This E-Type still carries its original numbers-matching engine – both block and head numbers match the data plate. The car still has the original chassis picture frame with the original chassis number, and the original data plate. The engine block and head are both stamped with the correct numbers matching the data plate. The customer had trouble locating the original body tag, but as you can see in the photos, the body number can still be seen on the firewall in blue crayon from the factory.

The only non-matching item is the gearbox, which is completely unseen when the car is assembled. The original 3.8 non-synchro gearbox has been replaced with a later 4.2 E-Type full-synchro gearbox. This was a common occurrence in years past, before 5-speed conversions became readily available, and the conversion was done very cleanly without any modifications to the car, as the later gearboxes drop right in. If you intend to drive the car, I can assure you that this is a welcome change!

I have included all of the car’s numbers – chassis, body, engine, and gearbox. For privacy, I have removed the last 2 digits of the 6-digit chassis number in the photos. However, You can be assured that the data plate and chassis number on the original front crossmember DO match.

It does not appear to have ever suffered a major collision (or any minor ones, for that matter…). This E-Type was originally Cream with a Red interior – though the door panels and seats have been recovered in black. The body is straight and more solid than most E-Types that we see – the boot area is especially impressive!


History – This E-Type was repainted many years ago in a brighter white than the original cream exterior, but otherwise is a very solid and very straight car. Recently, the current owner removed the LH outer sill, as it was rusty and showed signs of additional rust problems underneath – almost certainly due to battery acid running down the LH side, which is quite common. It’s removal showed rust on the LH inner sill and floor as well. This is what led the current owner to decide that the project is more involved than he would care to undertake, and he would rather spend the time on freshening up his other E-Type – a 1968 OTS.


Mechanical ConditionThe car is being sold as a project needing total restoration, but currently DOES run smoothly, and has a working clutch and all gears have been tested. The car has 76,730 original miles, and the engine runs smoothly, with an even 155-160 psi of pressure in all 6 cylinders. It does have a rear main seal oil leak, and idles a bit high, but otherwise runs well throughout the RPM range. It was also driven on several afternoon excursions within the past two years (before the LH outer sill was removed) – up to 60 mph, and shifts smoothly in all gears.


Body Condition – The monocoque body shell appears to have much less rust than we typically see on a 3.8-liter FHC – it looks quite solid! The shell does not appear to have suffered any major or minor collisions, and the roof is undamaged. Areas that very typically have rust problems are EXCELLENT on this car – the rear hatch drip channel is in great shape, the doors look PERFECT on the bottoms, and the boot floor is much more solid than almost any original E-Types we now see! You can expect to perform a metalwork restoration on the bodyshell – that will probably include floors and outer sills, etc. – but it will be MUCH less of a project than most 3.8-liter coupes. While the rust in the forward section of the LH sills and floor was was daunting to the current owner, I find this shell to be in extremely good condition for an original, unrestored Series 1 E-Type!
The LH outer sill is currently off the shell - it was removed to examine the internal condition. The car does come with a pair of new outer sills, as well as a replacement LH bonnet inner valance panel (the original had a hole cut into it in the past...). All of therse panels will be shipped inside of the shell.
While this car should undergo a complete restoration, and is being sold as a restoration project, I believe it would be possible to make some floor and inner sill repairs on the LH side, replace the LH outer sill, and safely play with the car for a while before the complete restoration is undertaken...

Location & Shipping – This E-Type is located in the Midwest region of the United States. We are well acquainted with shipping E-Types to the UK, Europe, and Australia, and have done so many times in the past with good results. We can help you arrange shipping worldwide.

This car has a clear US Title in the current owner's name.


Conclusion – this is a GREAT E-Type! As a complete, 3.8-liter coupe with a matching-numbers engine – this is a really great start for an E-Type project. AND, don’t forget – it currently RUNS AND DRIVES! So you can even play with this one for a while before you decide to jump in and start a full restoration! – DON’T MISS IT!


This E-Type is being offered for sale by Monocoque Metalworks - you can call the owner, Chuck Hadley (me) to ask any questions if you like - (443) 907-2287 in the US.

NOTE: This car is being offered locally and also through the Monocoque Metalworks website, so we do reserve the right to end the auction early in the event of a local sale.


Item location:Elkton, Maryland, United States
Interior color:Red
Engine:3.8-liter - original to car
Vehicle Title:Clear