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International Harvester L110 Panel Van, Rare and Desirable, Few Exist

Standard Passenger Van BODY TYPE
Silver Diamond 6 ENGINE


1952 International Harvester L110

This will sell for much less than the other one on Ebay for sale.

Really Cool 1952 International Harvester L110 Panel Van, pretty Rare and Desirable.

Restored many years ago and loved all it's life, this truck was rarewhen new as not many were made, most were beat-up used as work/deliverytrucks and sentto the crusher, you just don't seem them very often.

I envision this cool thing with a hand-made-up logo on it's panel sides, maybe wide white walltires and a comfy interior installed,cruising around, no one will know what it is, at any car or truck show or anywhere it goes, and if your advertising your company it will have great exposure. I'm sure you have your own idea of what you would do with it or you wouldn't be looking at it.

This truckhasvery littlerust in the rockers that will need attention,rust repair was completed on the rear roll pan, very little rust repair wasneeded and completedon thefrontcab floorby thecontrol peddles.

This truck has been repainted and undercoatedunderneath through the years so there is very littlesurface rust underneath, nothing significant. The running boards are sturdy and in great shape with no rust through, the fuel tank & bracketsare in great shape as isthe trucks frame, the fenders are solid, the quarter panels are solid, the kick panels are solid, the doors are solid. If you know these early 50's IH's you know they all rusted around the front parking lights, this truck is solid around those parking lights, with very little rust through below the drivers side light assembly, no rustaround the rear door hinges or on the floor.The doors and windows and hood all open and shut nicely.

The clutch and transmission seem to shiftsmoothly and the steering box seemspretty tight. The brakesneed complete repair/replacement probably including new lines, master cylinder and wheelcylinders andpads, allreadily available and not very expensive. The tires need replacement and the windshield needs to be replaced. Probably some light electrical work will need to becompleted, it is the 6Volt positive ground system that came on the truck originally. I suggest a complete cleaning of the fuel system. The radiator needs to be repaired or replaced, I replaced one recently with an aluminum unit that was around $200.00 The cargo floor is in great shape, it is wood. The interior quarter panels have no rust through at all and they are not all beat-up from loose cargo.

At this point, and I will change the description if it changes, The Engine is Frozen, I was told that the engine would run but that doesn't seem to be true. Replacement engines are readily available, I have found them to be $300.00-$500.00

This truck has a few options, passengers side interior sun visor, its good that this truck has one as they too are getting hard to find and one style fits these IH trucks from 1950-1956. Interior rear view mirror. only one exterior drivers door mirror was standard and the bracket still exists, this truck came with just 1 tail light and that bracket still exists. This is a 3 speed column shift transmission, I have not checked yet, probably 4:10 rear gears and a top speed of around 55mph, unless it has the optional 3:73 rear gears then you are at around 65mph

The passengers seat of this truck is an original, with probably the original upholstery, it tips forward so that you can access the cargo area. The drivers seat is not original.

I have the INTERNATIONAL emblems, but not the L110 emblem that should be affixed to both sides of the cowl. The VIN Tag is affixed to the interior drives kick panel and the numbers all match.

I purchased this truck from the owner who had the truck for some 30 years, and believe me when I say he had a hard time letting it go.

This truck was originally finished in an IH color called Palomino Cream, you can see some original paint on the underside of the fenders and the interior. A photo of it when new is in the 1950-52 IH light duty series brochure. The truck is built on the IH pick-up truck frame with 115 Inch wheel base, they considered their short wheel base truck, if it were a pick-up it would have a 6 foot bed

I can help with loading the truck and it is very accessible, come take a look at it.

This truck is sold with aMassachusetts title and bill of sale.

This truck has No warrantysor guarantiesof any kind.

Thanks for looking!


Item location:Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States
Make:International Harvester
Type:Standard Passenger Van
Engine:Silver Diamond 6
Drive type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clear